Frankie as Mario

Jason as Luigi

Elizabeth as Peach

Nia as Daisy

Sean as Bowser

Koopa Troopa as Himself

Kirby as Toad

Jigglypuff from (Pokemon) as Toadette

Yakko from (Animaniacs) as Waluigi

Wakko from (Animaniacs) as Wario

Polo as Yoshi

Bear as Donkey Kong

Wicket as Diddy Kong

Fluffy as Birdo

Fishy as Boo

Dragon as Giant man-eating plant

Joe as Baby Luigi

Bugaloo as Baby Mario

Granddaughter as Digga Bowser

Gugaloo as Baby Peach

Bear Jr. as Donkey Kong Jr.

A Female Care bear as Diddy kong

Grandpa bear as Cranky Kong

Bear's Cousin as Chunky Kong

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