This lists the Allies of the Author Fighters that are not actual members of team, but are willing to help.


Crokis is a grayish white being with five reddish orbs for eyes on it Eel/Alligator face. Wearing blackish purple robes. Wearing the kind of shoes you suspect Sideshow Bob to wear, and is a midget.

A type of Spy demon, he rejected his demon heritage, cause 1) he's a great coward and 2) hes secretly likes helping the humans. He saved Iron Mantis life when the Author fighter washed to shore. since then Iron mantis made Crokis his eyes and ears in the underworld. Crokis is a Gambler and is addicted to Grape Soda.


Hellboy is an ex-member of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (BPRD for short). He left because he found out that his girlfriend, Liz Sherman, was pregnant with twins.

Hellboy is over six feet tall, has horns that he regularly files down to try and fit in, has a prehensile tail, and a stone gauntlet fixed onto his right really is his hand. It may be his destiny to someday bring about the destruction of Earth, but that day has not come...yet.

Hellboy is armed with two guns that he keeps in his trenchcoat.

  • Samaritan: a giant hand pistol that can fire REALLY big bullets as he claims.
  • Big Baby: an even bigger gun with multiple barrels that can fire small explosives.

Along with his guns, Hellboy's stone fist can act as a weapon. Because it feels no pain, Hellboy has often used it to block swords.

Hellboy and Dimensiondude are on good terms with each other, because D-Dude was originally part of the BPRD. Although they no longer work there, they will often work together to defeat a common foe.


Quetzalcoatla, or Quetzal, as referred to by the Author Fighters, is a dragonsaur similar to Dimensiondude. The key difference is that she has feathers, no sickle claw on her foot, and has a mane of spines.

Quetzal is the guardian of the Dark Realm gates and is very strict of her duty. This changes when she meets Dimensiondude, whow is fiercely loyal to those he cares about; dragon or not. Whether she'll play an important factor for the Author Fighters is yet to be revealed, but her heart is in the right place.


The father of Dimensiondude, TLSoulDude, and Lunatic121. He's often described with wild red hair and ocean blue eyes. Though he's been dead for over twelve years, he appears to the Fictor brothers and their friends to act as a spirit guide of sorts. He helped TL gain his Archangel form. Voiced by Craig T. Nelson.

Ultimo the Ultima Master

The sensei of TLSoulDude and Dimensiondude. One of THE most powerful Fictorians ever, even surpassing TL. He's a Fictorian rabbit with bright, pink fur and a long tail. Despite his cute looks, he can fire powerful beams of energy and explosives via Imagination River energy. He helped the Authors when they were on Fictor. Despite having this much strength...he was killed by Blacknova when the fallen Fictorian tried to seize the role of Ultima Master for himself. Voiced by Tom Kenny.


A female Fictorian Ninja around Lunatic's age. She is the first female Fictorian Ninja to be named 'Lunatic', though she prefers to be called Luna. She has short-cut indigo hair, wears a black shirt, a pair of jeans, and a necklace with a red gem in it. She is the daughter of Team Fictor's Aunt Kida and shares a close brother/sister relationship with Lunatic121 (the two being Lunatics, after all). She helped fight Blacknova when he tried conquering Fictor. Voiced by Grey DeLisle.


A Basset Hound who followed Lunatic home. Though most people say he's retarded, he seems smarter than he lets on...

Rovus Kermeki

A Lunar Exalted of the No Moon Caste, Rovus is to HQ as Otacon is to Snake. Barely having Exalted before the end of the Creation year before the Fair Folk attack, Rovus views HQ as an idol, often times trying to make the Author Fighter out to be a hero (much to HQ's dismay). However, Rovus makes himself very useful, serving as the Author Fighter's resident inventor. He is the one who managed to repair the broken sword Gardafang (a very difficult feat, even for an Exalt) and even discovered the material known as "stardust steel," which proved vital in defeating the Weaver of Idyllic Dreams.

Rovus is a member of the Silver Pact, like HQ, but is instead a member of the Crossroads Society, the Pact's fellowship of Lunar sorcerers. His totem animal is an arctic fox. He is voiced by Matt Hill (the voice of Finn in Storm Hawks.)

Sesus Makovi Sakina


Sesus Makovi Sakina, after the Infiltration OVA

A Fire-Aspected Dragon-Blood, Sakina is the Balance of Courage and the Balance that is supposed to defend Creation. Trained as a monk in the Immaculate Order, she often crossed blades with HQ and the Court of Daiklaves, and was horrified to learn that she would be the guide for the Author Fighters. She gave numerous warnings to DM and Hikari, but both decided to play it by ear for the moment, but in the end believed her after HQ mercilessly struck down a Fair Folk diplomat that would likely have become an ally.

However, when Sakina learned of the Author Fighter's capture by the Weaver of Idyllic Dreams, she was the one who gave the message to HQ and the Court, almost at the cost of her own life. She also plays a role in the cataphactus's defeat and the thwarting of Drake's invasion of Creation.

In the one-shot OVA Infiltration, Sakina showed up at Author Fighters HQ, half-alive (once again), and this time with a sunburst brand on her forehead. HQ explains that the sunburst is the symbol of a heretic in Immaculate circles and as a result, has been permanently disgraced by her Dragon-Blooded brethren. Taking sympathy on the monk after the help she supplied in his last adventure, HQ persuaded Darkmagicianmon to let her stay as the resident healer and chaplain. She gets in a few fights with Nukid because of this, however.

Sakina is a master of the Fire Dragon Style, and her weapon is a pair of short swords, the Fire Dragon Style's signature weapon. She can also recite six of the twenty-seven Immaculate Texts from memory and also has a number of healing skills. Her anima is said to be a burning Phoenix, and as a Terrestrial, once it reaches Stage III, the flames that Sakina gives off can actually become harmful (most anima is strictly for show and are harmless). She is voiced by April Stewart (the voice of Selvaria Bles in Valkyria Chronicles.)

December Frost

December Frost

December Frost, Chosen of Saturn

A Sidereal Chosen of Saturn, December Frost is a Sidereal Exalted and former member of the Bronze Faction, December Frost disguised herself as a cleric at the Garda shrine Quill discovered in Fair Folk Assault to make sure Quill's power would remain consolidated in the North and out of reach of the other Sidereals. When she was discovered trying to help Quill escape from the Draconian of Dark Lightning, the Bureau of Destiny put a bounty on her head, declaring her a traitor to the Celestial Bureaucracy, but thankfully Quill, Rovus, the Court, and another Sidereal, a Chosen of Mercury named Mordred Kain, came to defend December Frost. She still uses her destiny as a cleric to help Quill however he can, but time is running short before she has to come up with a new one. She doesn't mind, though.

December Frost, despite her chilly name, is a warm-hearted girl who is always similing. Quill remarked that "she always smiles, even at the end. I guess that's just as well, seeing as she's a Chosen of the Maiden of Endings." However, Rovus believes she's hiding something about her heritage, and suspects that she's a bastard child of Saturn herself.

December Frost is a skilled martial artist, on par with Sakina and perhaps even Nukid on a lucky day. Her Sidereal astrology allows her to lay blessings and curses on anything she wants, and even has a few rare abilities that even most other Sidereals don't have, furthering Rovus's "God-Child of Saturn" theory.

Lillith, the Owl Woman

A Lunar of the Full Moon Caste and one of the oldest Lunars in the world, Lillith still appears very young, even for an elder Exalt. Her weapon is a moonsilver dire lance. Her husband was an Eclipse Caste Solar by the name of Desus, a well-liked politician who became a feared tyrant known for his mind-bending abilities. Despite suffering numerous wounds by his hand, Lillith hoped to find redemption in him, even after he died. Seeing as Desus died during the Usurpation, however, Lillith spends most of her time seeking out Desus's reincarnation.

She is a good friend of Hurricane's Quill, even though sometimes their view on the situation of the returned Solars differ. Lillith is the de facto leader of the Lunar faction known as the Seneschals of the Sun Kings.

Garda, the Goddess of Snow

Garda, the Goddess of Snow, is the mother of Hurricane's Quill. It has been said that she is among the oldest of all the living gods to date (outside of the Incarnae and the Elemental Dragons). She is the same rank as Adran-Beaol, the Northern Wind Master. Originally a goddess who didn't really care for mortals, she experienced an epiphany when she fell in love with a mortal from Cherak, the Realm satrapy on the north coast of the Inland Sea. She hoped to keep it a secret, but when a prophecy from the Bureau of Destiny referenced her, she could keep it secret no longer.

She eventually gave birth to HQ, who was given many different titles by the elementals of her inner circle (Heir of Garda is the most common, some of the others include Snowchild, the Winds of Change, etc.) However, when she was attacked by a Yozi in an attempt to take HQ for their own, Garda knew that HQ wouldn't be safe with her, and so she hid the prophecy and hid HQ on the outskirts of Icehome, knowing he would be safe from danger among the Haslanti's number.

Garda usually materializes as a woman who wears a blue and white parka that is similar to the ones worn by the Southern Waterbenders. She has silver hair and wolf ears that obviously HQ inherited from her. A kind diety, Garda is always willing to point her son and her allies in the right direction in Creation. She is voiced by Nicole Oliver (the voice of Starling from Storm Hawks).

The Justice Soldiers

A group of eight Juvenile heroes who dubbed themselves as the Protectors of New York city.


Stealthshroud's true identity Damien Blake is a 19 year old High School Senior. When he was about 5-6 he was caught in a car crash with his parents, he was suppose to die along with them, but fate stepped in as the form of a Shinigami named Xeno. Xeno told Damien that by fusing his body with his Damien will be saved from the impact of the crash, so Damien accepted the offer and the two became one with Xeno fused into Damien's body. At the hospital Damien soon found out his parents didn't make it, so he went into the Mens room to hide his sorrow. He said he woulda been able to protect them if he wasn't so weak. He tried to punch a wall out of anger but his arms went right through it. As it turns out by being fused with Xeno he's acquired all the Shinigami powers, such as walking through walls, flight, and sink into shadows. Damien vowed to use these powers for the greater good proving that he could make a difference. So for at least 10-11 years he's lived with his Uncle Skyler and Aunt Dawn spending that time getting into shape and learning how to control the Shinigami powers. It was then he dawned a dark outfit and mask, and called himself Stealthshroud; Defender of Right, and Bringer of Justice. He's gained the attention of many New York citizens be they supporters, and haters. He acquired the assistance of a crow whom he named Draven to be his scouting bird, and because crows are the birds of death, he was able to hear Draven speak human because of Xeno's bond. It was on one of his patrols he caught someone stealing from the Museum, it turned out to be Midnight Rose. At first the two went all out at each other until Rose explained her true motives about helping her sick brother all the way back in Japan. Damien feeling sympathy for her decided to help her. The artifact she borrowed was said to obtain healing powers. Damien and Rei; Rose's human idenity started dethen traveled with her back to Japan, where'd the used the artifacts power to restore her brother Dai. After they returned to New York to find out Rei and Dai's father Takuo Namikaze had arrested Damien's relatives because of his suspicions to Rei being Rose and Damien being Shroud. So they fooled him by sending stunt doubles to trick him thus getting him thrown in the slammer. After then Rei and Dai moved in with Damien. Damien then begun leading the Justice Soldiers who were all in fact friends of Damiens. Damien is a serious leader about keeping the peace in the city like Light Yagami but not like 'all criminals have to die' serious, he doesn't rush into action without thinking just like Batman. As Damien he's kind, generous, a bit of a pretty boy but doesn't exploit it for his own needs. His flaws are like Batman, when he never kills unless it's neccessary, that's why so many criminals or other types of villains would call that his big weakness.
Voiced by Will Friedle (Terry McGinnis: Batman Beyond)

Midnight Rose

Reina Michiko Namikaze or Rei as she prefers had a very hard life. When she was born her mother died, She and Dai were raised by their father, well he was Rei's step-father actually, he only saw her as a disapointment. When Rei was five she unintentionally killed a girl who was picking on her to no end but used some form of dark power, she was then ostracized, nobody wanted her, nobody appreciated her except her brother. But one day he fell into a coma that seemd unexpected. Rei then vowed to try and help him, and then this woman gave her a whistle that gave her the power to unlock soul animals from people’s hearts. Rei soon became Midnight Rose but before she was a hero Rei was a thief. She started researching on ancient artifacts that could help her cure Dai, She’d steal them one night, and if they proved to be a fluke She’d return them the next night. That’s when she came to America to find something else, and her and Damien got in each others way. They worked things out and he helped her heal Dai, and throw their father in the slammer. But her powers are actually a bloodline passed down from her mother who was in fact, the Goddess of the sun Amaterasu. Her mother was also a known child of Saki of the Shadows, a demon Lord bent on chaos and destruction,and Saki’s demon blood runs through her which was the reason she was mad enough to kill that girl. So her mother’s spirit left her with her thirteen guardian animals. She's kind, caring, the peace maker of the group, looks out for everybody. She also has a weak immune system born with a few missing ribs, and can sometimes have dizzy spells. Rei also has a huge sweet tooth sometimes having cake after each meal.
Voiced by Melissa Fahn (Rika Nonaka from Tamers)


The Genius of the Justice Soldiers. Real name is Ignacious Douglas, but everyone calls him Iggy. In school he's the smartest of their class and year. When he followed Damien and Rei on one of their patrols with Dominic, Gecko, and Roach, they got infected by a mutating beam that incresed the already smart intelligence in his brain granting him the power of levitation, psychic powers, and telekinesis. He danwed a scientist coat, and a visor over his eyes to preserve his identiy and became known to the public as Prodigy. He started inventing most devices for the Soldiers from communicators, hoverboards, to portable portal beams. While he may be a science geek, he does enjoy other activities such as sports, women, and other typical high school men enjoy. With an increased intellect he managed to create a lab located behind the wall of his closet, where he set up working robots, monitor screens, inventions, and a portal generator that can open portals to all worlds. His main goal for the future is to one day create his own Technodrom like Shredder and Krangs, and use it as their own base. He's a smart guy, and uses high vocabulary above normal vocabulary. Has Double-D of 'Ed Edd & Eddy' panics and worry, but Donny of the TMNT smarts and calmness when planning. Isn't a total nerd like some characters have been made. His flaws are trying to keep concentration and loud sound.

Voiced by Dan Green (Yugi: Yu-Gi-Oh)

Metal Stone

Metal is the brawn member of the bunch. His true identity is Dominic Grayson; the dark skinned member of the team. Like Iggy, Gecko, and Roach, he was exposed to the mutating beam which granted him the power over rock and metal around him. Also turning his own body bulky and part rock and metal making his bod indestructable to most attacks. He's the street wise, slang talking member who loves to get lucky with the ladies. Among the Soldiers he's one of the few designated drivers despite the others having liscenses, but they like it when he drives. He has an uncle who owns a car company and Dominic gets some of his best cars from him, including an old bus they sometimes use for trips, tours, or when they have a lot of company. Is somewhat always getting beaten on by Rei or Dai for reasons such as being a fool, sick, or annoying. As Metal Stone Dominic can manipulate the ground below him conjuring up rock arms, while using his metal element to turn his arms into swords, spears, or even his fingers into keys, or picks. He can sink into the earth when needing to hide or listen in on top secret stuff. When going up against a giant opponent he takes in all the energy from the rock to transform himself into a giant sized golem. He's black, is street smart, talks slang, isn't the brightest but not stupid, like Martin Lawrence, Anthony Anderson, and Cyborg combined. Water can turn the ground he conjures up wet and soggy, and overly intense heat could melt his metal. But this only applies in hero form.
Voiced by Khahry Payton (Cyborg: Teen Titans)

Energy Bolt

Daisuke Ichigo Namikaze or Dai had an equal sad life as his little sis ther Rei. His mother died when he was just a child, then his father married this woman who was Amaterasu in human form. When she gave birth to Rei she lost her god like immortality and was soon killed by Saki’s henchmen. He was the brightest child there ever was, and managed to complete College by age 10 his father always boasted about what a modeled son he was to his friends, which drove him insane about getting the wrong kind of attention, like he was his dad puppet. One day he fell into a coma, and when he woke up it was years later seeing his sister and Damien. They briefed him in on what’s been happening since his accident, and he couldn’t have been more proud to hear his sister did all that to help him. How he obtained his power was from a jar of blue mutagen that splattered on him, it was owned by a dragon demon named Ryu disguised as a Magician who hired Rei to be his assistant, but he hypnotized her making her commit crimes. The mutagen gave him the power to collect energy from around him like an Anodite alien. Dai is very much like Raven(TT) and Gwen (Ben 10:AF) combined. Dai really dosen't get along well with Dominic mostly due to the fact that Dominic never thinks things through, and is normally irritated by Roach's jokes. Dai is also very protective of Rei ands hopes no one uses her like their father used him. Loud sonic blasts can destroy his energy fields, and his fields are only as strong as his will. He also has a fear of water since he nearly drowned when he was two meaning he also can't swim.

Voiced by: Tom Gibis (Shikamaru from Naruto)


The insect looking team player. His true identiy is Roger Morrison, but everyone calls him Roach. Like Dominic, Iggy, and Roach he acquired his powers through a mutating ray. He gained an insect body and abilties, instincts, and control over any bug. Before he became a hero he's alway been a fan of bugs, thus having a vast collection of them from houseflies, mantis', ants, termites, beatles, especially roaches. As Insectoid he can conjure up insects from around him and sick them on his opponents as diversions or to drive them away. His ants are used to crawl onto his enemy making them itch, roaches are used as a giant shield with their bodies being able to sustain anything, termites are used to eat trees that fall on his opponents, but his favorite form of attack is using Bees, Wasps, and Hornets to sting his opponents and irritate them. Like any bug fanatic he takes very care of his bugs, and hates it when anyone insults them or him about insects. When it comes to romance most girls found his love of bugs disgusting except for Rei. He soon found himself in love with a spider woman named Arachna; Ex Herald of Rei's Grandfather Saki. Soon she gained human form, and Roach from then on was no longer single. He's the comedian of the bunch, sometimes makes bad jokes, always tries to lighten the mood when others are depressed, angered, or sad. He's not too flexible in hero form. the Cold. Appetite mainly when it involves sugar.

Voiced by: Veronica Taylor (Ash Ketchum: Pokemon)


Reptilian is the Lizard member of the team. His true name is Gerald Nelson, but everyone calls him Gecko. Like the rest of the guys he was mutated by the mutating ray giving him the body of a half lizard and half man. When as Reptilian he dawns cargo shorts, and a Hawaiian flowered shirt always left unbuttoned. His abilties include lizard strength, agility, and skilled hand to hand combat moves. Like Roach he was a lover, but lover of reptiles instead of insects, even before he became Reptilian he collected reptiles of all kinds, some he found, or bought. such reptiles included, lizards, Iguanas, Chameleons, turtles, snakes, even a baby Florida swamp alligator. His favorite among then that he keeps out of his cage is his salamander Archie. Like how Roach can communicate with his insects, Gecko can communicate with all reptiles. In the field of romance most girls thought his love of reptiles was gross. But one day when they guys used Iggy's portal Generator to go to Naruto's world in the Animation realm he fell head over heals with Anko Mitarashi, and needless to say she did as well. And the first night they spent in Konoha, he bunked with her and found himself getting intimate with her. He's the surfer talker, eccentric one, likes to surf, rollerblade, and skateboard. Weaknesses include being Cold-blooded, and Diurnal.

Voiced by Jeffrey Garcia (Sheen Estevez: Jimmy Neutron)

Blade Master

The Blade Master known as Zark Raku is actually two people like Yugi Mouto and Yami Yugi, his reincarnated form is Joey Stone. Zark Raku lived thousands of years ago in Amaterasu's order, as a swrodsman in training. He was always considered a dead last by most trainers and other adults, while they admired his rival/friend Ragnar Striker. Zark was cared for and treated by Amaterasu like he was a son to her. When he was given the weapon known as Demon Shredder and position as head elite guard he was overjoyed while Ragnar left in anger thinking that he should've deserved that weapon and position because he was always better. A year later he set off after Ragnar defected from Amaterasu's order to bring the traitor back. They fought skillfull and mercillesly against each other until both fighters were left with no chance of surviving. Zark transfered his soul into the Demon Shredder hoping one day another chosen one will weild the weapon with care and he will guide that soul. Joey however lost his father when he was five, and his mother when he was six. He grew up under the tutelage of a sly swindler named Raffish Ralph. Even though he worked under him he hated what Ralph did when it came to deals. He met up with Damien, Rei, and the guys on their Road trip where Ralph tried to scam Rei into giving up the bracelet of her mother. He pretended that he was an innocent boy being pursued by Ralph's thugs, and got under the heroe's skin to find out what they were doing. After it seemed Ralph and his creeps were going to hurt Rei, Joey stood up and stopped them. After he joined the gang on their tour and was offered a home by Tally Mitchell who already welcomed Lawrence Prower into her life. Joey felt depressed because he couldn't help the guys without powers. Then one day he, Damien, Draven, and Xeno were pulled into the Naruto show during a special through a remote device. In the Naruto animation world he developed a relationship with Tenten the weapons mistress. He at first didn't want to return to New York because there he was no help, and he found a reason for living in Konoha. Then his soul Animal Moegami was on the brink of death because soul animals could only die if their container is dead or doesn't exist in the same world. Joey struggled to make a decision between the two until Tenten convinced him to go back to New York for Moegami's sake. Because he chose to return Moegami returned to normal, and he left Tenten of the animation realm promising he'd be back. He then checked out a weapons exibit at the museum where he saw Zark's Demon Shredder where it later became in Joey's possession giving him the skills of Zark Raku, and all the powers of the Demon Shredder. From time to time he'd travel to the Naruto aniamted dimension where he'd visit Tenten and bond with her. He has low self confidence, tries to fit in with others, as a hero he acts like a true loyal warrior, who will lay his life on the line for others. He isn't as strong without his swords to defend himself so he makes up for that weakness by practicing Tai-Chi.

Joey Voiced by Kevin Corn (Daisuke Niwa: D.N.Angel)

Zark voiced by Vic Mignogna (Dark Mousy: D.N.Angel)

Justice Soldier Supporting characters

Tally Mitchell

A young woman in her thirties who's profession is a reporter for the Channel 7 news Station in New York City. One night she was harassed by some muggers, until Shroud stepped in and saved he. From that day she swore to one day find him and interview him. Then one day she appeared at Damien's High School for career day where she told Damien and his fellow Students she's like to find Shroud and get to know him. So Damien soon revealed himself to her and made a deal with her, if she helps him by finding clues on certain people or cases he's investigating then he'll reward her with news footage she can film for the news station. She looked down to the Justice Soldiers like her younger siblings. While Joey was like a son to her when she took him in. Her main man Lawrence Porwer the once wolf minion of Saki became her diamond in the rough, from love at first sight.

Voiced by: Peggy O'Neal (Tally: Digimon Tamers)

Lawrence Prower

A man who lived 5,000 years ago, until Saki cursed him with the body of a permanent werewolf turning him evil. When he was ordered to capture Rose and the other Soldiers he was defeated and restored to his human form, while his wolf form became his own hero alias named Lobo. His role for the justice Soldiers is back up when the Soliders cannot fight a certain enemy alone, and give them whatever details about certain things that come from Rei's mother's past. His current affection is for Tally Mitchell the news reporter and friend to the Justice Soldiers.

Voiced by Crispin Freeman (Holland Novak: Eureka Seven)

Reggie Striker

A boy about the age of the Soldiers who lives with his Steward Adrian Beuregard in a castle located atop MT Everest. He is the heir to the Legendary Warrior Ragnar Striker, and was led to believe by Saki that Ragnar wanted Reggie to seek out Zark's chosen one and destroy him. So for years he's lived with the thought of revenge until Joey and the Soldiers showed him the truth. He felt much sorrow for what he did and swore his loyalty to the Soldiers, even giving Joey his families prized Sword the yin-Yang Slasher. Like Joey he to is a master Swordsman with the power to take on Ragnar's old appearance. He's a loyal allie of the Soldiers and best buddies with Joey just like Zark and Ragnar were when they were kids.

Reggie voiced by: Greg Ayres (Satoshi Hiwatari: D.N.Angel)

Ragnar voiced by: Illich Guardiola (Krad: D.N.Angel)

Mark Steel

A 22 year old loner who was an orphan from day one who just kept being dumped from orphanage to orphanage, until in his early teens was finally sentenced to a Juvenile Detention center where he stayed for nearly 10 years. It was then he busted out of the Center with his two loyal pals Slick and Spin. Him and his boys lived out in an abandoned warehouse in a part of the city and became known as a Street-Fighting trio known as the Steels. His own Soul Aniamal Loki was taken out of him one day and wasn't seen for a while. Until one day Loki and the heroes caught him and his boys having a war against another gang. Loki saw after a whole year he hadn't changed since he was removed. He started picking fights with three Shinigami who were sent to find Xeno, and he was unaware of what they were or could do. He dropped the tough guy act and swore to help the heroes fight the Shinigami, by fusing with Loki giving him all his powers and a human fox form. Him and his boys thought it was time they cleaned up their acts, and soon got jobs at the New York University helping Paleontologists dust off dinosaur fossils, and become big brother figures to their son Trevor Lloyd. It was many months later Mark undergone a transformation making him into a human sized nine tailed fox. He soon was told his mother was Yoko; a Fox Spirit which was why he had Loki as a soul animal. He was then the target of a rival of his mother Kiyo Marubuto. Mark was then brought to Africa to train at the Legendary Kitsune temple to learn the ancient art of Fox-Kung-Fu. There he learned the ancient art and several other fox abilities. He was then challenged by Kiyo for a final showdown which pushed both to their limits until they changed into their fox forms with Kiyo as a nine tails, and Mark into a ten tails. After the fight Mark stripped Kiyo of his powers and he was imprisoned forever. After then Mark became the new Fox Warrior and possibly his own hero.

Voiced by Quinton Flynn (Marcus Damon: Digimon Data Squad)

Slick & Spin

Two 20 year old nicknamed guys who grew up at the same Detention Center as Mark. Soon the three broke out and became a street fighting gang. After they cleaned up their acts, and soon got jobs at the New York University. They then had their own Soul Animals released from them with Slick's being a Black Bear named Flame, and Spin's being a Polar Bear named Yuki. At certain times the two would fuse with their animals getting the power of fire and ice. To Mark they are his loyal henchmen but are also his brothers. One day when the Soldiers brought the Shinobi of Konoha and the Sand Siblings to their world for a while the two fell head over heels in love with Shizune, though the first time wrestled each other for her her love until interupted by Mark who scolded them. They both hope one day that they could be involved with Shizune.

Slick voiced by Haley Joel Osment (Sora: Kingdom Hearts 2)

Spin voiced by David Gallagher (Riku: Kingdom Hearts 2)

Trevor Lloyd

A 9 year old boy who loves eating Hershey's Chocolate bars, and loves playing with his dice collection such as flicking them at guys foreheads. He was chosen by this Dinosaur God named Carnivorous to capture a group of dinosaurs that have been brought to his world. He was given to power from a dino fossil to change his clothes into hunting attire making him almost like Indiana Jones, including his own whip. A second power was also given to him giving him the abiltity to change into a life sized Tyrannosaurus Rex. When he was introduced to Mark, Slick, and Spin he looked up to them as brothers, and as helpers when capturing Dinos. They'd help wear the renegade Dino down long enough for Trevor to catch it, then make it drink some sort of serum giving the Dinosaur the intelligence of an average human and making them good. His known rival was a human Tyrannosaurus named Tyranno Brachio who sought to capture all the renegade Dinos to use for his army to conquer the human world. When the Shinobi of Konoha were brought to New York he grew attached to Hanabi Hyuga who also returned the same feelings to him.

Trevor Voiced by Tara Jayne (Mokuba Kaiba: Yu-Gi-Oh)

T-Rex Trevor voiced by James Sie (Shendu: Jackie Chan adventures)

Xeno the Shinigami

Xeno is a Shinigami from the Shinigami realm. These days the Shinigami are either gambling, or sleeping, he feels that there should be more to life then just this for them. He began watching Damien since the day he was born, like something urged him to watch over the boy. When it was suppose to be Damien's death Xeno went to the human world and told Damien about fusing together to save his life. When they fused Damien soon found out he acquired Xeno's Shinigami powers, and from then on the two were stuck with each other. He is a perverted Shinigami who loves looking at hot women in magazines or in real life. He even has his kind of urges to make Damien do wolf whistles or something perverted, even though Damien doesn’t want to have a perverted reputation like looking at women the wrong way he can’t help but feel the need to because of Xeno’s influence, but still resists. At times Damien can see not only his reflection but Xeno’s as well when looking into anything with the properties of a mirror, and is also capable of extending the upper half of his body out of Damien's body but is still bound by him. When he discovered how Damien planed on using his Shinigami powers he was rather interested about using them to be hero rather for his own selfish needs believing that anyone else who would be given such power would do so. At times he'll give Damien words of wisdom when it comes to fighting crime or his social life, and sometimes they'll be advice he could use. But even they sometimes have their little funny quarrels whether it's about Damien making a fool out of himself, or him being overly perverted.

Voiced by Brian Drummond (Ryuk: Death Note)

Draven the Crow

A crow who Stealthshroud can communicate with. During one of Damien's first night patrols he found Draven tangled up in plastic used to keep soda cans connected, so he releases him. Draven was able to communicate with Damien because he has the powers of a Death God, which Crows have been known to be the birds of the devil. Draven thanked him and vowed to serve him in any way. So Damien has Draven fly through the sky around the city of NYC during his spare time searching around Police stations, and News buildings finding whatever evidence Damien can use in tracking down criminals or to find criminals on the run. During his patrols he is used as a spy to make sure Damien doesn't walk into any traps, and is never suspected because no one could ever suspect a crow being smart. As a reward Draven is given food and a place to stay without having to worry about any animals wrecking his nests. Like Xeno, he would comment on some of Damien's activities and give him his own words of advice. He is currently in a relationship with Moegami the bird zodiac of Amaterasu. Draven was also given powers by Rei's mother giving him the ability to grow into a giant sized crow, big enough to ride on.

Voiced by Robin Williams (Batty Koda: Ferngully)

The Black Arms

An ancient army that also came from Roscoso's Dimension. They loyally obey order's from Darkrai and Andy. At first they where enemies of Ross when Missingo Took Control of Darkrai and Andy, when Andy was given control back. He took his rightful place as leader of the Black Arms. Although Andy is the only one they listen too, they also listen to Roscoso as well since he defeated Darkrai before. The Black Arms have yet to really join a battle in helping the Author Fighter', but they are always ready to assist. The Blacks Arms are multiple creature's.


The Basic Foot Soldier's these Black Arm's are about as tall as a human adult, they wear Black and Purple Armour. They carry Plasma Swords and Energy Shields. The Grunts have been trained in different kinds of professions some are trained in combat, others in tactic's (Although they do learn a little combat training) others are training in mechanics and even some are trained in politics when they escort Andy to any possible political meeting's, (Come on he has a giant Alien Army at his command and no one will notice?)


Appearance wise they look like Grunts except they are three times bigger and carry Giant Plasma Swords. They also have spikes on their backs. These guys are the tanks of the Black Arms some have even taken direct Hyperbeams and survived. They ar mainly the Guard and Heavy battle force.

Black Volts

Black Volts are about the size of Pidgeot's. But look more like Bats. They also wear helmets that launch special Life-Seeking Missiles. These are the air fighters of the Black Arms since they can carry a single Black Arm gunrt who shoots as well.

Giant Volts

Much Larger version's of the Black Volts about three times bigger. They can carry about 5 Grunts. They also carry gun turrents as well. These guys are the gunships of the Black Arm.s since they are so big they can handle as much punishment as Giants.

Black Oaks

The Elite Guard of the Black Arm's these guys are trained in all manners of of stealth and along with teleportatin technology are very difficult to fight. They usully protect any vital Black Arms devices and areas such as the training areas and the throne room.

Ally Digimon


Godess Digimon of the Northern lights. A Mega Level that can rival that of the four sovereigns. She's the leader of the Magical order of all Magical Digimon, and Mistress to such Digimon as DarkMagicianmon, Yuemon, DarkMagiciangirlmon, Giltiamon, and MysticalMagemon. Her known rival Gozermon competed with her for position of being the most powerful Digimon there was suring the great wars. When Gozermon and DarkMagicianmon were sealed in the Shadow Realm she prepared for a time when they would return, and to do that she took on the identity of a human looking digital anomaly like Gennai only looking like a young girl and called herself Princess Regina. She befriended Brian and the Digidestines while DarkMagicianmon had no idea it was her. After three years since Brian returned home she revealed to the new Digidestines and an older Brian who she really was, and helped them defeat Gozermon once and for all. Now these days she remains in the Digital World giving the Authors any lead on what Drake, or any villain is up to. She's very strong and very kind to those she considers close to her, especially DarkMagicianmon and Yuemon whom she treated like her children.


An ultimate level Digimon and older brother to DarkMagicianmon. He's caring to his younger brother, respectful to his Mistress, and deadly to his enemies. His magic abilites surpass DarkMagicianmon's and could rival his mistress'. He felt sorrow for seeing his brother sacrifice himself to seal Gozermon away, and didn't meet up with him again until Season 2. Sometimes he acts cold to hide his true caring nature, knowing never to let his emotions get in the way of his job. His cold attitude is also a way for him to teach his younger brother a lesson without it being directly. He currently resides in the order of the magical Digimon as Ladyboreamon's right hand Digimon.


A Champion Level Magician Digimon to Spirit Warrior Flint Horizaku. He became Flint's partner right about when the boy was the age of 7, during which his parents were killed and Giltiamon saved him. For two years he educated the boy making him one of the smartest children there was. He eventually unlocked Flint's Spirit Energy and trained him in the ways of a Spirit Warrior. They fought along side the Digidestines of season 2 with Brian and DarkMagicianmon against Gozermon, Drake, or any other villain at the time. He remained with Flint until he went off to College with Brian, Melody, and Carl. He was then summoned back to the Digital World where he worked as a guard to Ladyboreamon's castle. His relationship with Flint is being one of the select few who understands his intellect. With the others he able to get along with and listens to DarkMagicianmon when his human partner is not around.


An assistant Digimon to Ladyboreamon and partner Digimon to Spirit Warrior Carl Hiroshi. When Carl received his D-3 MysticalMagemon emerged from the boy's computer, told him everything that DarkMagicianmon, DarkMagiciangirlmon, and Giltiamon told their partners, followed by unlocking his Spirit Energy. He then took Carl to the Digital World where they fought Saggimon and an army of Golemon. After their fight The Digimon and partner returned to the real world where MysticalMagemon was able to restore Brian's memories who previously lost them due to a blow to the head. While living with Carl MysticalMagemon has learned how to use slang. After the defeat of Gozermon he along with DarkMagicianmon and the others spent a long time in the human world until their partners left for college where they then headed back to the Digital World. When he heard of Carl becoming the Outrealm's new ruler he couldn't have been more proud of his partner.


A Champion Spellcatser Digimon that serves LabyBoreamon and the digimon partner for Spirit Warrior Melody Yushino. Like Darkmagicianmon she is a halfa. She also knows a variety of magic and also was the one who unlocked Melody's Spirit power. Unfortunately for her she has caught the romantic attention of Darkside Omaddon who tries to flirt with her with no results.



Ally Pokemon and Pokemorph's


The Original Pokemon. Who has seen all events in the world. The war with King Rasets. The Twilight War. He also is the creator of the Life Aura's. He sent the Life Aura's to Roscoso's Home Dimension and was the one who brought Ross to the Fanfiction Dimension. Because of his power's he can't leave the Origin Dimension but he can give advise to Ross and also give hm powerful friends and Allys, like Katie and Justin, Arceus also has a very personal grudge with Rasets.


Echidna is a "goddess" of the so-called Underworld. She has the upper body of a pale woman, but the lower body of a massive serpent. She is not really a goddess; more of a fallen angel. She keeps an eye on those who die so they can receive their judgment. If they have a pure soul, they will go to heaven. But if they have an unclean soul, they will go to the realm of Mephistopheles.

Echidna seems to respect both the High Exalted and the Devil himself. While she wants to get rid of Blackheart, she says that the only one to upset death is God himself.

The Ex-Assassins

Tohokari Koutetsu

Tohokari is a samurai who used to work for the Japanese government as part of an assassin squad. He quit when his job clashed with his Bushido beliefs. He wields a sword and is romantically involved with Kali Kaiyou. He's a bit sarcastic for a samurai, but still believes in honor and respect. He's voiced by Alessandro Juliani (Nightscream on Beast Machines). (His name means Walking Wild Goose Sword)

Kali Kaiyou

Kali is a martial artist who used to work for the Japanese government as part of an assassin squad. She quit when Tohokari did. Despite her fighting style, she's very shy and caring. She fights using hand-to-hand combat and is romantically involved with Tohokari. She's voiced by Hynden Walch (Starfire on Teen Titans).

Zchazz Tsutsu

Zchazz is a gun-slinger who used to work for the Japanese government as part of an assassin squad. He quit when Tohokari did. He's gruff, has next to no respect for Poz, and constantly has a tooth-pick in his mouth. He's like this because he lost his wife in childbirth, along with the baby. He wields several guns that he invented himself: a mini-rocket launcher, a gun that shoots toxic gas, a machine gun, and many others. He's voiced by Ron Perlman (Hellboy on Hellboy).

Poz Mahou Hebereke

Poz is a magic-wielder...albeit a mediocre one. He used to work for the Japanese government as part of an assassin squad. He quit when Tohokari did. He's weird, comical, gets the wrong spells, and is a recoverin alcoholic. He mainly specializes in fire, ice, wind, and darkness-based spells. He's voiced by Nathan Lane (Timon on the Lion King).

Glory Feather

Glory Feather is a griffin who used to work for the Japanese government as part of an assassin squad. He quit when Tohokari did. He's strict, clever, and often impatient. He has the front part of a Harpy Eagle and the back part of a white tiger. He mainly specializes in aerial combat. He's voiced by James Arnold Taylor (Obi-Wan Kenobi on Clone Wars).

The Shadow Battalion

A group of Pokemorphs and Shadow pokemorphs that was created by Ozzy!

Ozzy the Missingo Pokemorph

The First Pokemorph/Darkside Hybrid, Ozzy used to work for the Balance of Hatred Lucifer and the insane Oldkid! After finally being free, Ozzy met John a Shadow Venusaur Pokemorph. who after seing Ozzy's Viral Corrupt Missingo form, started to calling him Aniki! After this, Ozzy started to create his own group of Pokemorphs and Shadow pokemorphs!

John the Shadow Venusaur Pokemorph

A young Shadow Pokemorph, how he got his powers is unknown but he mostly tried to avoid any kind of civilition, after he met Ozzy, who while fighting a different monster, showed his Super Pokemorph form, John decided to call Ozzy Aniki! Since then John has helped Ozzy on many occasions, even helping him when he fought against Jack of Blades at one point!


Solarbeam, Frenzy Plant, Vine Whip and Sleep Powder!

Danielle the Rotom Pokemorph

The only female member of the Pokemorph Sanctuary Guardians and probably the main reason, Ozzy turned to the good side, when John wanted to help Ozzy who was depressed headed to the pokemorph Sanctuary and was able to convince Danielle to come with him, after She and Ozzy started catching up, the other Guardians showed up thinking John kidnapped Danielle, after a quick explaination, Danielle decided to join Ozzy's group.


Zap Cannon, Ominous Wind, Shadow ball and Thunderbolt

Ranko the Shadow Hitmonlee Pokemorph

A Young Shadow Pokemorph who loves to fight, Ranko spent most of her time in the Shadow Underground fighting in underground battles with other Shadow Pokemorphs, when Ozzy and the Shadow Battalion saved her from a Fangire she joined up. She also has a slight crush on John.


Blaze Kick, Ice Punch, Focus Blast, Hi Jump Kick.

Tahata the Feral Gliscor Pokemorph

A victim of the Dark Army's experiments, he was given much more Pokemon DNA than Human DNA causing him to lose his mind and most of his body to become more Gliscor like such as Gliscor's Scorpion Tail and Claws along with a Gliscor's bat like wings, he attacked the Shadow Battalion in his insane mindset, but Ozzy used the Seven Death Auras to snap him out of it, Tahata then joined up vowing revenge on the Dark Army for what they've done to him and other Pokemorphs!


X Scissors, Cross Poison, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang.

The Monster Arms

Three beings that are the last of their kind. Right now they grant Ross more power when he's in his Kamen Rider Kiva form!

They once were creatures that have powers of a Fangire and lived in three clans until the checkmate four killed all except them, Jiro was the first owner to have IXA until a incident let Otoya be IXA they also fought King in the past that had the belt of Dark Kiva after King defeated them he said to kill Otoya but with the friendship of Otoya they couldnt kill him they then fought King they were defeated again and turned into there weapon forms in which the fuestles that are the same as Kiva's arm monster fuestles sealed them then they were at Castle Doran sealed in there statue forms until Otoya awakened them now they live in Castle Doran while Riki is the butler.


Otherwise known as Jiro, he was part of a seperate clan of Fangires called Wolfen. When his kind was wiped out by Rook of the Checkmate Four except him! He also was once Kamen Rider IXA! Now, he helps Ross, by becoming the weapon called The Garulu Blade! Which grants Ross when in Kiva's form a special sword and Transform Ross into Garulu Form.


Also known as Ramon he is the 127-year old survivor of the Merman Race! He has a cool yet childish attitude and is able to assume his true form by spinning then snapping his fingers. He can shoot pressurized water bubbles from his mouth and his pupils turn into crosshairs to increase his aim. Basshaa is Castle Doran's housekeeper, assuming the form of a 13-year-old boy in a School Uniform while using his cunning and telekinetic abilities to mess with his housemates in their games from time to time. In 1986, he lives in human society as a shoeshine boy while aiding Jiro out of common interest, though confused by the Wolfen's methods as he should be in hiding and feeding off of humans in secret. When the parlor he lived in closed, Ramon started to work at the Café mald'amour as a greeter until Jiro left and became a kakigoori seller when Jiro asked for his aid. After becoming unable to kill Otoya to save himself (as per the King's offer), Ramon decides to flee. But he is attacked by the King moments later and sealed into the Basshaa Magnum. This leads to Ramon now aiding Ross in 2009, his Basshaa Magnum form used by Kiva to assume Basshaa Form.


Also known as Riki he is the last surviving member of the Franken Race. He has unbeatable strength and feeds by grabbing a person and draining the soul out in the form of electrical discharges. He acts as Castle Doran's butler, assuming his true form by pounding his fists together. He can only speak in a slow, monotone voice, and is thus not as talkative as Jiro or Ramon, usually having one of them speak for him. In addition to his habit of popping his neck, Riki tends to eat things that are inedible to normal people. In 1986, he lives in human society as a masseur in Ramon's parlor before moving into the Café mald'amour to work there for a bit, falling in love with Yuri after eating her food. When Jiro left, Riki joined Ramon to became a kakigoori seller until Jiro asked for their aid. After becoming unable to kill Otoya to save himself (as per the King's offer), Riki decides to flee. After seeing Ramon sealed by the King, Riki attempts to run away, but is sealed into the Dogga Hammer. This leads to Riki now aiding Ross in 2009 as with Ramon and Jiro, his Dogga Hammer used by Kiva to assume Dogga Form.

The Fictorian Royal Guard

A group of Fictorians charged with protecting the current Ultima Master.


A Fictorian Humanoid and the somewhat OCD leader of the group. He wields the ability to change into small animals (rabbits and such), but also wields two swords--the Bungee Blade (a buster blade with a rubber band) and the Sword of the Thunder Spirit (a samurai sword that can control the weather). Played by Toby McGuire (Spider-Man on the Spider-Man movies).


A pink Fictorian hedgehog. She has the ability to see a few moments into the future, which proves MORE than useful in fights. Voiced by Natalie Portman (Padme on Star Wars, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith).


A blue Fictorian rabbit. He has the ability to charge his hands and feet with Imagination River energy, giving himself powerful punches and kicks.


A Fictorian Ninja. He has the ability to super-charge his speed. He's a master of Earth-style jutsu and a few forbidden techniques.

The Chaos Seven

Seven Beings that originated in Roscoso's Dimension, they where all experiments on the Space Colony ARK (Ross being one of the Seven) Because of this they have the Same Genetic code, making them all Brothers and Sisters by blood, each of the Chaos Seven have connections to the Life Auras, but are connected to a certain one each, Ross is connected to the Purple Life Aura most. All of the Chaos Seven can access a powered up form for battle, right now Ross is the only one not to access it.

When the Chaos Seven (Or Six at this moment in time) arrived at the Author Fighters dimension, they Immediatly tried to get Ross to join their group, even causing Collatoral damage to draw Ross out, including the Author Fighters, which led to a Skirmish with the Author Fighters.


The Second Oldest of the siblings and leader of the group (Before Ross was given control of the team) Skarm had Silver, metal like hair and Red eyes, Skarm is connected to the Silver Life Aura most, which allows him to make any kind of Metal Weapon, and makes him durable against Metal Weapons and Close-combat fighting, he can act almost Robot like and acts rather cold even to his siblings, he'll do whatever it takes to reunite the Chaos Seven.

His Powered Form, is called Titan Blade, where a huge Metal blade appears on his right arm and it can constantly regenerate!

He was defeated by Ross and E-123 Omega


Second Oldest and the one of only two girls, Cyclo has Cyan coloured hair and eyes and sometimes likes to wear Japanese Formal clothing, such as Kimono's. She's also the most friendly, hate having to fight with anyone unless it means helping her Brothers and Sister.

Cyclo is the only one to call Ross 'Onii-sama'

Cyclo is connected to the Cyan Aura and has a Master's skill over the Wind and Air.

Cyclo's powered up form is called Dai Kaze, Japanese for 'Great Wind' where she can create a wind shield, that can veer off attacks from Opponents, and an attack called the 'Wind Palm' where she can send a blast of air that can uproot trees easily.

Despite this she was defeated by the combined effort of MistressofDawn and Space Warrior Member Alistair.

After joining the side of good, she found a mate in Persona Task Force member UnalignedPlague.


Second Youngest of Ross's brothers and the first one that Ross met, Cactorn had Green Hair done spiky like and he also has multiple spikes and pins coming out of his arms making him look like a Cactus, he can also add a special dissolving acid to this spikes.

He dosen't use much powers, but he has a fast healing power, due to his connection to the Green Life Aura.

His Powered up form is called Cure Plant. Where he can heal from any physical wound, but Magic attacks can hurt him easily.

He was defeated by Darkmagicianmon and Space Warrior Member Andy.


Another of Ross's brothers and the hothead of the group, Blaine had Red short hair and always has a grin on his face, he always gets into arguments with Cactorn about silly things.

He has a connection to the Red Life Aura and is a master of fire attacks, he can also create a blade of flames than can cut through Steel easily.

His powered up form is called Burning Warrior! Where he can create a shield of flames around him, which can melt bullets and normal weapons, but special weapons like Demonic weapons are safe.

He was defeated by X Prodigy and Scarlet the Gizoid.


Second Youngest of them all but the youngest brother, Tsun is the most mature (Next to Skarm) Tsun always has a book in his hands except when fighting.

He is always calm but can go into a Malestrom of attacks, which makes sense since he's connected to the Blue Life Aura.

His powered up form is called Abyss Surge! Where he can trap enemies in a bubble of water and increase the pressure inside to crush them

At one point after their arrival he met Ross's fiance Marissa and taught her the Pressure Bubble attack.

Tsun was defeated by Hikari Ino and Marissa


The Second Sister and the Youngest of the group, she has an Electric and energized attitude and is the more tomboy like of the group.

Volky is connected to the Yellow Life Aura and is a master of Electric attacks. She also is very agile and can avoid most attacks, but is open when using her attacks.

Her Powered up form is called Bolt Queen, where she can become a Living Lightning bolt.

She was defeated by Hurricane's Quill and Micheal.

The Travelers of All Planes

The Travlerers are a group of seven superhuman beings that travel the universe and beyond. They are looking for answers to their past, for freedom, and at times, just for the sake of adventure.


Shatterpoint is the leader of the Travelers and, so far, one of the strongest members. He has red hair that spikes up slightly and is clad in a black shirt and red robes similar to that of a Jedi Knight.

Personality-wise, Shatterpoint seems to be the straight man. He is focused on whatever mission is at hand and is strict when it comes to setting time limits. If objectives are not met in the set time limit, he considers it a failure. He also doesn't like covering things when it comes to money.

Shatterpoint is in peak physical condition, giving him enhanced speed, strength, stamina, and reflexes. He also has a slight healing factor, though it's not as effective as Shrapnel's. He is also proficcient in several forms of weaponry from guns to swords.

Shatterpoint's most famed ability is the use of a legendary weapon: The Element Blade. This sword can change into any weapon with element-based attacks. The primary weapons are Fire (dual-sided sword), Water (trident), Earth (hammer), Wind (bow), Wood (staff), Metal (chain), Ice (kamas), Lightning (gauntlet), Light (staff), and Darkness (armor).

Shatterpoint can also take two primary elements of his sword and fuse them to create an even more powerful weapon. An example is the combination of water and earth to make clay (claymore).

He is voiced by Doug Erholtz (Leon on Kingdom Hearts II)


Shrapnel is the second member of the Travelers and the sharpshooter. He has wild black hair and wears an unusual wardrobe. It consists of a leather jacket, a t-shirt with a smiley face on its front (though it has x's for eyes, its tongue hanging out, and a bullet hole in its forehead). To top it all off, he has blue jeans and gun holsters on his belt and across his chest.

Shrapnel is the comic relief character of the Travelers. He cracks jokes at any opportune moment, breaks the fourth wall on a regular basis, and constantly makes stupid mistakes. He is also obsessed with shooting things and flirting. Despite the fact that girls will always subject him to pain, he is always convinced that he is a ladies' man. Despite his flaws, Shrapnel is a very loyal friend who will stay with Shatterpoint through thick and thin.

Shrapnel, like Shatterpoint, has peak-human reflexes and speed. But he has something Shatterpoint doesn't have: an accelerated healing factor that will heal everything except brain damage. If a part of his body is severed, it will act with a mind of its own until he reattaches it.

Shrapnel's favorite weapon is any kind of gun. His personal favorites are the Glock Pistol, Magpul Masada Assault Rifle, Barret m.90 Sniper Rifle, and MGL-32 Grenade Launcher. He also likes M67 grenades and the "invisible storage pouch", which he keeps with him at all times.

He is voiced by Quinton Flynn (Axel on Kingdom Hearts II)


Iblis is the third member to join the Travelers and the offense/defense member. He has red hair similar to Shatterpoint's, though he looks a little older (mid-thirties at best). He is also clad in jagged, pitch-dark armor made of Dark Metal. The only unarmored areas are his head and his right hand, which is concealed by a black garment. He also has massive wings emerging from his shoulders.

Iblis is a homunculus created by the fusion of Shatterpoint's blood and a demon's essence. He went against his creators' wishes, saying that it was his story, not the creators'. Shatterpoint and Shrapnel offered him a place after escaping the madmen and Iblis joined sensing promise in the two

Iblis is the strongest member of the Travelers, able to lift almost any weight, bend steel, and snap trees like twigs. Thanks to the massive wings on his back (which are harder than titanium), Iblis can fly well past the speed of sound. He can also withstand immense trauma, being tossed and struck by enemies much bigger than himself.

Iblis is also skilled in the arts of magic, his best arts being fire and thunder. But his most lethal asset is his right hand, which is red and deformed. This Red Hand of Death negates any and all superhuman abilities of anyone it is grasping.

Iblis struggles with human emotion, as he is unable to feel most of them. He knows satisfaction, rage, embarrassment, but other than that, he doesn't really understand. On most notes, he is straightforward, serious, and unable to show opinion, just fact.

He is voiced by Matt McKenzie (Auron on Final Fantasy X).


Crossblade joined shortly after Iblis did, mistaking Iblis for some monster. He is the hunter of the Travelers and its field man/tracker.

Personality-wise, Crossblade is strict, serious, and cold-blooded: he never smiles, jokes, cries, or shows any form of pain to his enemy. If he registers that someone is an enemy, he will not hesitate to try and kill them. He is also paranoid, believing that everyone is against him.

Crossblade has brown skin, hinting African descent, and wears military camo pants along with boots of similar design. Crossblade wears a black, sleeveless shirt, gauntlets, and a bandana/mask mix that gives a ninja feel to him. He also has straps that indicate a holster on his back.

Crossblade is skilled in hand-to-hand combat, firearms, and weapon use. He also trained himself to ignore pain (able to take a powerful punch to the gut without a sound) and is a highly adaptable soldier: able to go from sniper to foot soldier in no time flat. His primary weapons are a customizable crossbow-turned-gun and a pair of short-swords.

Crossblade is under a curse: inability to die from the decay of time. This curse also claimed several of his human features: his blood dried up long ago and his organs decayed except for his brain and heart. Darkness shows his true form: a walking, half-decayed corpse.

Crossblade came from a secret part of a slave trade that was experimenting to make the ultimate killing machine. Codename: The Black Crosses. Crossblade is just one of four successes who survived and escaped. After over three hundred years of doing what he did best, he met the Travelers. He joined up with them in an attempt to break his curse and wipe out dark beings.

He is voiced by Khary Payton (Blade on Marvel: Ultimate Alliance)

Haven Lye

Haven Lye is the fifth member to join the Travelers. She's the diplomat and political mind of the Travelers, providing negotiations necessary to avoid fighting.

Haven is surprisingly spunky for someone of her reputation. She does have her sweet moments, as she does care about her companions. She is obsessed with Iblis, but either ignores or denies the fact that he can't return her feelings. (This does not prevent Shrapnel from flirting with her, though.) She also has unpredictable mood swings. One minute, she's tending to someone, the next, she's belting them over the head.

Haven Lye has an oriental look, hinting either Japanese or Chinese ancestry. At times, she will wear ornate robes of orange and black, but she wears a black combat uniform underneath it. She wears white stockings, black slipper-like shoes, and a bracelet on her right wrist.

Haven is probably the best martial artist amongst the Travelers, utilizing several forms of kung fu and wushu. Also trained in acrobatics, she is able to balance herself on just one of her limbs. In fact, during free time, she practices her flexibility and movement.

Haven Lye was born with a unique gift: she can manipulate spiritual energy given off by forces of nature or people's emotions. She can also project it into any form she pleases to add either a cutting edge, an impenetrable defense, or a destructive force. This energy can also heal organic matter, create solid objects, and create a variety of different tools and objects.

Haven's direct origins, like the rest of the Travelers', is shrouded in mystery. She was raised for a few years as a priestess in a world resembling China. After the Travelers saved her, she said she would accompany them and get them through the worlds' politics. (This could be a cover-up for her to get close to Iblis, though.)

She is voiced by Caitlin Glass (Winry Rockbell on Fullmetal Alchemist)


Rowan was actually recruited by Haven Lye after saving her life. He is the stealth/scout of the team, as he specializes in sneaking around and operates primarily at night.

Rowan, despite his frightening appearance, is actually quite a gentleman and a bit of a pacifist. But if he has to defend his friends from a monster, he will not hesitate to kill. When not in combat, though, he is polite, intelligent, and abnormally witty.

Rowan looks very classical, indicating he's from the Victorian era of Europe. He has long, brown hair, a thin mustache, and red eyes. At night, he wears a black uniform typical of a nineteenth-century gentleman, but during the day, his attire changes. In daylight, he wears a long coat, sunglasses, a face mask, and a hat.

In close-quarter combat, Rowan excels in knife-fighting. Under his usual coat, he keeps dozens of different knives. Some are primarily throwing knives, others are average combat knives. His particular favorites are ballistic knives. He is also an excellent swordsman, as he carries a sword hidden in a cane.

Rowan has several vampiric features such as craving for blood, an accelerated healing factor, the ability to cling to sheer surfaces, and fang-like upper canines. But despite all this, he's not a true vampire, as he was not created from a corpse being posessed by evil forces (he was created from science). His healing factor is powered by the consumption of blood, and sunlight does not kill him. Instead, it causes his skin to crack and his eyes to swell; a vampiric version of the flu.

Rowan was originally an assassin in Victorian-era Europe, but eventually, a group caught him. They locked him into a coffin and buried him, hoping that another vampire curse was aborted. Later, a few travelers found him as the soil eroded and he escaped into the world. He had been in a state of hibernation and was kept alive the whole time. While staying in an abandoned cottage, he saved Haven Lye from real vampires and later accepted her offer to join the Travelers.

He is voiced by Crispin Freeman (Alucard on Hellsing)


Ramor is the last person to have joined the Travelers, joining after the Travelers freed her from a prison. She is the shock trooper, responsible for taking out large numbers or enormous foes.

Ramor is short-tempered, snapping at any remark made at her, aggressive on the dangerous scale, and is almost uncontrollable. If she wanted to kill someone, Iblis is the only one who can restrain her. When she is stuck in a corner, odds are that she will either storm off and sulk or just remain quiet for an indefinite period of time.

Ramor has a dark appearance. She has black hair tied up in a bun, orange eyes, and white skin. Her attire includes a tattered, white shirt that stops just above her navel, black jeans that are torn at the knees, black boots, and fingerless, black gloves.

Ramor's fighting style is fueled by her rage. She beats down on her enemy, moving so fast that they can't react in time and hitting so hard that they can't stop it. This specialty is hand-to-hand combat, and her ability makes things even deadlier.

Ramor has the ability to mold her body into any solid form, turning it a dark red color analagous to a Curse Seal. Ramor also has the ability to draw minerals from the ground and turn them into metals or something resembling it. She is also inhumanly strong, her strength increasing with her rage in a manner similar to the Hulk.

Ramor's past, though she doesn't remember it, was first formed when the organization that made Shatterpoint abducted a teenage girl. After rigorous testing, the girl developed unbelievable amounts of anger and violence. After losing the lives of several, they managed to sedate her and locked her away in an underground prison that suppressed her powers. The Travelers freed her and several other test subjects, but for some reason, Ramor tagged along with them. She wanted answers, vengeance, and truth about why the organization did this to her.

She is voiced by Michelle Ruff (Rukia Kuchiki on Bleach)


H Squad are a Group of actual Humans who have been given an Amulet that will allow them to obtain Super Human Abilities when they are in Imminent Danger from a Darkside.

The Hurricane

WWE's Resident Superhero, Gregory Helms a.k.a. The Hurricane is one of the H-Squad Allies. The Hurricane's Powers allow him Super Speed, and Giga Impact which he uses this Power to take Foes out with the Force of an actual Hurricane.

Stan Lee

Stan Lee is one of the H-Squad Allies. Stan Lee's Powers allow him to mimic the Powers of Superheros he helped Create. Examples being Spider-Man's Wall Crawling, The Thing's Strength, Cyclops Optic Blasts, and many more.

Phantom, Master of Illusions

The Master of all illusions and the second apperantice of the Grim reaper, after DJ and before Yin and Yang the Archangel. His great powers come from his single red eye, which has all the power of illusions on his side, along wtih his own light-weight curved scythe, he is a master of fighting with his scythe faster then the speed of wind, making him very dangerous

The Earth Protection Force

A group of heroes that DJ know, as they helped him out a lot in the past. Known members are Tiger Man, Street Master, Exoskull, Koara the Alien, Wild Teen, Lullaby, Black Raven, Pixel, Gravestone, Inviso-Teen, Land Slide, Shogun, Rex the Mega-Mutt, Inu-Kin the ninja dog, Pyro the fire Doberman, Inferno, Shadow-Lord, Kelp Kid, Lucifer the German Shepperd, Kelo the Techno-Rottweiler, Sparx the robotic Hound, Teen Tomorrow, and R.O.Y. DJ was once a member as well before he desided to leave the team to join the Author Fighters.

Tiger Man

The leader of the Earth Protection Force. Born Matt Johnson, this hero was given his powers by a strange tiger that gave him his tiger-like appearance. After the murder of his older sister, Sarah, he became an animal-like persona that made him go to a bit of a frenzy for awhile. But after going to China and learning Martial Arts, he was able to calm down enough to get his humanity back. After meeting some other heroes, they created the Earth Protection Force and help protect the world from evil

Street Master

Street wise rebel hero born of two teenaged parents, this kid had a heck of a past. He was abonded by his parents, who did want him but his father's parent's didn't allow it (his Godfather-like grandpa, Jerria Gastherman, wasn't bugged by it), and beign kicked out of a oprhanage at the age of 6, he fended for himself for four whole years until a daughter of a scientist gives him super human abilities thanks to strange-looking nanobots that are connected to his circulitary system, making him stronger and faster then ever. But after finding out he was being used, he got out of that lab and was able to become a member of the Earth Protection Force and, after a few years, got into a romantic relationship with the Metamorphosis member, Ookami.

Wild Teen

A 16 year old Native american teen who was raised by wolves at a young age, giving him a intunded with the animals of nature, making him able to create mystical energy animals at will, and is also able to shape shift into animals with the same energy, making him able to turn into any beast at will (after getting contact with an animal). His partner is his wolf brother, Ke'na, who happens to help him alot, along with a falcon named Goldeye, who is a elder bird, making him very wise. Don't let his appearance fool you, he is very smart, being able to figure out who or what the enemy is, but is able to use his animal-like insticts in battle.

Koara the Alien




Kelp Kid

Teen Tomorrow


Land Slide

A young Gangster-hero with the power to turn his body into pure-stone body, with dark red eyes. After losing his brother thanks to a strange rift, this young man was stuck in the Ghetto, when a dangerous gang war gave him some permanat scars on his head, leaving him to always wear a bandana over his head, keeping it hidden. His personality is that of a raging valcaono; can be calm and nice, but when he's mad...he goes insane with anger.


The sleepist person on Earth and also a very powerful mutant. Her dreams are so strong, they are able to come to life out of her head, making strange looking creatures come out of her dreams. She also seems to have a liking to Inferno, who has mutual feelings.

Shogun and Silk-Lock

The Super Hounds

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