Almor is the God of Wolves. Having been duped into fighting for the Dark Forces during the First Battle, Almor, and consequently wolves, are perceived by many races and individuals to be Evil. Certainly the Orcs worship him. This is because during that terrible conflict he is most often associated with the partnership he had with the Orc Champion. It is said that Almor allowed him to ride on his back into battle and even when unseated he fought with Almor side by side. The constellation of The Wolf depicts Almor and is next to the constellation of the Orc Champion in the Southern Skies of Titan. However, Almor like the rest of the members of the Animal Court is in fact True Neutral. He is the brother of Durrak. The lesser deities of the canid family of animals including the jackals, foxes etc, are subordinate to him and his brother.

He has strong associations with The Moon.

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