• Octo as Wreck it Ralph
  • Howie as Fix it Felix Jr
  • Sloth as Sgt Calhoun
  • Bunny as Vaneollpe
  • Duck as Q'bert
  • Poodle as King Candy/ Turbo ( Not Piggy )
  • Batty as Sour Bill
  • Piggy as Gene
  • Narwhal as Sonic
  • Cockraoach as Swizzle Markley
  • Ratty as King Candy as a Cybug
  • The TownsPeople as Sugar Rush Racers Nicelanders and Hero's Duty Troops
  • Dirk Danger as Zangief
  • Craig ( from Sanjay and Craig ) as Brad
  • Mayor Trout as Papa Beard