Duck as Wreck it Ralph

Howie as Fix it Felix Jr

Bunny as Sgt Calhoun

Sloth as Vaneollpe

Octo as Q'bert

Poodle as King Candy/ Turbo ( Not Piggy )

Batty as Sour Bill

Piggy as Rancis Fluggerbutter

Narwhal as Sonic

Cockraoach as Swizzle Markley

Ratty as King Candy as a Cybug

The TownsPeople as Sugar Rush Racers Nicelanders and Hero's Duty Troops

Dirk Danger as Zangief

Craig ( from Sanjay and Craig ) as Brad

Mayor Trout as Gene ( Octo can't be Gene Because Octo is shivering and gene is pushy . )

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