Aloysius' Secret (ひみつのアロイシャス Himitsu no aroishasu) is a manga based off the U.S. Acres comic strip by Layla Fumikara, someone who worked on the animation for some episodes of U.S. Acres Tales. It is a deconstruction and parody of the magical girl genre, but with a male protagonist. It was later turned into an anime, which was done by the same studio as U.S. Acres Tales, Akashihoshi Studio. The original anime series ran from 2008-2010, while the second series Aloysius' Secret ~The Magic Returns~ ( ひみつのアロイシャス〜よくマジックは今返し〜 Himitsu no aroishasu 〜 Yoku majikku wa ima kaeshi 〜), which started in 2011, is still running to this day.

Plot summary

Aloysius Pig is in love with a famous high-school superheroine/idol named Lenore, even though he is 20 years old and works with Bernie at SUUS, a TV network. One night, a spirit gives him a mirror to win her love and save a world that's in danger due to the lack of magical heroines. To do so, Aloysius transforms into many things to help people and earn Good Magic.

Foreshadowing of major events in the series

The show is notable for foreshadowing a lot of things. The first new year's episode has Lenore claim that "Everything is going to be bad next year!" and thinking her favorite Saturday morning blocks will be cancelled. Kewelopolis was cancelled that year in North America. In the show's first Very Special Episode, Aloysius and Lenore tell Bernie's cousin the dangers of being addicted to "milk". The milk in question was actually drugs. Michael Jackson died nearly 4 months after this episode had aired.  One episode, "The Red Shoes", involved an church exploding as part of the weird powers of Kinoko-tan the sheep's shoes. 2 months after it aired, New York City was evacuated due to a car bomb. One of the final episodes of season 1 has Kinoko-tan being shot by a gun at a grocery store. 6 months after this episode, the Tuscon shooting occured. Also, Kinoko-tan's magical outfit bares a resemblance to Cure Sword from Doki Doki! Pretty Cure.

The second series is known for having even bizzarer predictions for the future. The third episode of that season had the gang seeing "The Cheetah Prince" and during the "Funny-Funny Samba", a person kills the governer of the town and six other people, because it was the funniest scene of the whole movie. Nearly a year later, the Auora, Colorado shooting occurs. One episode contained an Animaniacs/GoGoRiki hybrid named "Yo-Yo Napiyon" which gets cancelled by the mother of a child who leant their voice to Swimmy the Hippo because an episode poked fun at fat people (Swimmy's VA was a fat pig like Aloysius), and the episode also contained a scene where a character needs to go to the bathroom after eating daifuku mochi with the wrapper on. The My Little Pony Friendship is Magic episode "The Last Round-Up" had a similar incident, but about disabled people. An episode where Aloysius stars on DokiDoki Heroine Shaprio contained a scene where Aloysius appears in the "Name That Hero!" eyecatch bumper, scaring the heroines on that show. One day later, episode 10 of Smile Pretty Cure contained a similar eyecatch. The show was well-known for predicting the Akanbe eyecatch on Smile Pretty Cure, almost ironically. A recent instance of this was when one of Lenore's drawings for a contest "looked exactly like our (the Himitsu No Aloysius chibi characters) eyecatch". The episode of Smile Pretty Cure aired the next day a glass slipper that had the Akanbe face from that episode's eyecatch.

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