Aloysius Throws A Tantrum is a U.S. Acres quickie that was shown before the episode "You Ought Not Be Seeing In Pictures".


(Aloysius Pig and Roy Rooster are walking in the food store from "Grape Expectations, Part 1". Aloysius spies a box of donuts covered in Mochi on the shelf) Aloysius Pig: Look, Roy, a box of donuts! Roy Rooster: And what are you pointing it out for, tubby? Aloysius Pig: Making fun of my waistline, that's not right! Roy Rooster: Let me read this box. "Mochi Donuts". What's mochi anyways? Aloysius Pig: They are really popular where I work, and I want to buy them! Roy Rooster: Since you got upset over a single little nickname, no, I am not buying them! Aloysius Pig: BUT I REALLY WANT THEM! (Cries) Power Pig: Power Pig to the rescue! I will buy these donuts for you! Aloysius Pig: Oh thank you! Power Pig: You're welcome!

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