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This is a brown dwarf star that orbits Alpha Centauri A about 4.6 AU from the main star. It includes four Earth-like planets (called Praxorious I, II, III, and IV) i orbit around it. I is politically divided into many nations, some of which are human-only, clone-only, A.I. machine-only, etc. Conflict here is frequent. II and III are dominated by the democratic government of the United Praxorious Republic, and IV is divided between the Republic and the local, autonomous branch of the Empire of the Solar Throne (with the local autonomy granted by the government of the Solar Throne back on Mercury just over four light years away since the use of time-dilation-drive-powered starships means a lag of Earth years in contact). Interplanetary trade between the Parxorious planets and between it and Earth's solar system occurs sometimes, though the United Praxorious Republic and the Empire of the Solar Throne do sometimes have brief shooting wars. Few baseline humans exist in the Praxorious system, with the human population being genetically altered to enhance physical strength or intellect. Most robots and computers here do have A.I. Animal-human hybrids here are rarer than even baseline humans.


This is a Mercury-like planet with a few asteroid-like moons that orbits close to Alpha Centauri B. It is populated and governed solely by tens of thousands of A.I. personalities that inhabit both stationary computers underneath the surface of this world and millions of mobile robot bodies. Sometimes, the A.I.s of Uboriouso leave their homeworld to travel in spaceships (usually equipped with time-dilation drives allowing interstellar flight) to seek out knowledge. Contact with the A.I.s on Earth is common, though relations with the Empire of the Solar Throne are frequently strained due to fights over the natural resources on the various worlds and asteroids orbiting Alpha Centauri B.


This star that orbits the Alpha Centauri double-star system is orbited mainly by an asteroid belt about 10 AU wide that gradually as it moves away from Proxima Centauri turns into a Kuiper Belt with metal and stone asteroids replaced by rock-and-ice asteroids and icy comets. There are quie a few Ceres-like and Pluto-like dwarf planets in this belt. The Empire of the Solar Throne has quite a few colonies and outposts here, governed from the planet Praxorius IV in the nearby Alpha Centauri system, as the distance between the Aplha and Proxima systems with time-dilation drive allows starships to travel in a relatively short time. Most of the population here (a mixture of humans both baseline and genetically altered and both cloned and natural born as well as animal-human hybrids and A.I. robots and computers) are independent of the Empire, and often hostile to the point of waging shooting wars with it, and often in alliance with the A.I. machines from the planet Uboriouso

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