X for a X-ray Hand 24th Saturday Sing Along of the Day. The Bridies in the Treetops


  • Directed By: Jim Rowley
  • Written By: Stephen White

20 Saturday Songs

  1. The More We Get Together (Taken from I Love to Sing with Barney) - 0:52
  2. Games (Taken from Run Jump Skip & Sing) - 1:46
  3. Run & Jump Medley: Ring Around the Rosy, The Murberry Bush, Skip to My Lou, London Bridge (Taken from Run Jump Skip & Sing) - 3:02
  4. Sailing Medley: Blow the Man Down, My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean, Sailing Sailing, The Drunkin Sailer (Taken from Disney's Children's Favorites) - 2:49
  5. Western Medley: The Yellow Roses Texas, Buffalo Gals (Taken from Disney's Children Favorites) - 1:37
  6. Itsy Bitsy Spider (Taken from Wonder Kids: Mother Goose Songs) - 1:43
  7. C is for Cookie (Taken from Ultimate Kids Collection) - 1:36
  8. Kookaburra (Taken from The Alphabet Zoo) - 1:18
  9. My Aunt Came Back (Taken from The Alphabet Zoo) - 1:03
  10. Mr Sun (Taken from Four Seasons Day) - 1:18
  11. Old Blue (Taken from Disney's Children's Favorites) - 2:48
  12. Mr Knickerbocker (Taken from Be a Friend) - 1:18
  13. Number Limbo (Taken from Carnival of Numbers) - 2:07


  • Distributed by Lyrick Studios & Time Life Kids on VHS


  • 32 Minutes


June 15, 2010


  1. Lyrick Studios Interpol Warning
  2. Distributed by Lyrick Studios Logo (1998 Version)
  3. Time Life Kids Logo (1995)
  4. Alphabet Express Letter X: Saturday Songs Intro Title Card


  1. Credits (for Frere Jacques from Charbuster Karaoke)
  2. Graduates for Toddlers Commercial (2000)
  3. Barney's Night Before Christmas Preview
  4. Distributed by Lyrick Studios Logo (1998 Version)

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