• A as Dora
  • O as Boots
  • X as Swiper
  • S as Isa
  • uncle grandpa as Benny
  • Percy from thomas the tank engine as Tico
  • Chuckie finstar from all grown up as Diego
  • zippy from mutt and stuff as Baby jagaur
  • cyborg from teen titans go as Map
  • Backpack as herself
  • V as Señor toucan
  • Clifford as the Big red chicken
  • sir Kirby from Docmstuffins as Prince of cloud castle
  • Alvin Simon and Theodore from alvin and the chipmunks as the Fiesra trio
  • b c d e f g h i j k l m n p q r t u. w y and z as stars
  • Wall e as Robero
  • all characters from sesame street as explorer stars
  • other baby show characters as the other characters from dora the explorer

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