Alphonse Catches a Cold is a fake VeggieTales episode. It was originaly called Alphonse Takes a Shit but the Takes a was changed to Catches a then Shit to Cold.


On a cold, cold winter night, Alphonse (Mr. Lunt) and his friends were at the pie factory - "Mrs. Tweedy's Chicken Pies". They saw a pie machine in which chickens go in and pies come out on a conveyor belt. Alphonse took a pie out of the machine and ate a slice. A sick guy came and Alphonse handed the pie to him. The very next morning, Alphonse woke up strange. But when his mom, Didi saw Alphonse; she panicked. Call an ambulance! Then she had to call Dr. Khalil. But it was 1:30 AM on a Wednesday morning. She already ran to the phone and spoke for a long time. Then, later that morning; Alphonse's dad, Stu took Alphonse to the bathroom where they stayed a long time with the shower running. It was hot and steamy. For the rest of the morning, Alphonse had to stay on the sofa. Every five moments, Didi felt his forehead and wiped his nose. She then opened a big purple jar as she rubbed the awful smelly paste on Alphonse. Then Stu came in from the kitchen. Alphonse's grandma Minka brought him some old-country chicken soup with the chicken feet still in it! Later that day, his stepmom and stepsisters went into different directions as Alphonse's friends came to visit. His stepmother went to church and had to save the orphans while they were listening to some boring announcements from Pastor Erwin (Bob the Tomato). (i.e., "It is raining out there and we are convinced to cancel today's Christmas pageant.") And his stepsisters had to shut down the pie factory Alphonse and his friends were the night before. They locked the entrance of the factory and put yellow crime scene tape on the door and on the gate. Then, Alphonse's mom grabs a big green suction cup. "This will help unstuff your nose, Alphonse.", she assured him. Luckily for Alphonse, it was Dr. Khalil from his Greek tour. The next morning, Alphonse was sent to the hospital. The morning after that, Alphonse was well. His mom got him a get-well present. It was his very own make-your-own-pie kit.


  • Mr. Lunt as Alphonse
  • Bob the Tomato as Pastor Erwin
  • Alphonse's Stepmom
  • Alphonse's Stepsisters
  • Alphonse's Mom, Didi
  • Alphonse's Dad, Stu
  • The Orphans at the Church
  • Dr. Khalil
  • The Policemen

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