Name: Alrec Cracken Species: Human Homeworld: Contruum Age: 44 Sex: Male Height: 6’2” Weight: 170 lbs Eye Color: Cyan Hair Color: Brown Physical Description: Tall, fit, and gifted with noble genes, Alrec is considered to be quite handsome by Contruum standards. He keeps his face clean shaven and hair cut short in traditional military fashion. Relatives: Airen Cracken (uncle), Pash Cracken (cousin), Belaya Cracken (mother), Nethanial Cracken (father, Aireen’s younger brother), Rebecca Cracken (wife), Andar Cracken (son) Current Position: Supreme Commander of the New Rebellion fleet Rank: Admiral Interests: Military strategy, piloting, command Background: Born to a lesser famed branch of the Cracken family, Alrec was blessed with wealth and obscurity. He had the best upbringing money could buy, went to all of the best schools, and exposed to a diverse field of interests for study. While his father’s brother’s family was gaining fame and fighting the wars to safeguard the New Republic, Nethanial Cracken was busy running his deceased father’s business which had been passed down seven generations. Not a mega business by any means, it was enough however to keep the entire family very well off and part of the nobility on Contruum.

At the age of 18, Alrec joined the Naval academy on Contruum and enlisted in the officer program. He excelled in strategy, command, and piloting. Four years later he graduated at the top of his class and was given command of a fighter group stationed at Contruum. For several years he served in the Contruum defense forces until he received an offer to transfer to a Republic taskforce heading for the rim, with an instant field promotion to Commander and made first officer of a warship.

After completing his tour of duty in the Outer Rim patrolling trade lanes, rooting out pirates, and impounding smugglers, Alrec was promoted to Captain and placed in command of the aging frigate [i]Stormcloud[/i]. His new command was to ferry a group of Republic special forces under the command of Captain Maxwell Myers. Their first mission took them to the Sinsang system which was under siege at that time by the Imperial Remnant. While only a small part in the much larger defense of the system, Myers and his contingent were safely ferried to the surface of Sinsang while the [i]Stormcloud[/i] coordinated efforts with the rest of the Republic defenders in orbit. The battle turned rather abruptly and the Imperial attack became too much for the relatively few defenders to hold, so they withdrew. While evacuating Myers and his company from the surface, Cracken’s frigate sustained heavy damage, and 2/3 of his starfighter contingent were lost, but the crack troops were safely recovered and the [i]Stormcloud[/i] was able to withdraw back into Republic space.

The war with the Remnant took a few twist and turns afterwards, with Cracken and Myers partaking in a dozen different skirmishes until they were ordered to the Yaga Minor system to join with other Republic forces in an effort to reclaim the world and its valuable shipyards from the Remnant. Both Cracken and Myers were noted for serving with distinction and valor in the battle. Following the battle of Yaga Minor, the [i]Stormcloud[/i] joined with a group of the Illuminated, tasked with rooting out a GNC strike force inside Republic space. However, the Illuminated turned on Myers men on the surface, killing many of his men, while their ships surprised Cracken’s frigate, inflicting significant damage. Believing the Republic to be responsible for the attack, and not just solely the work of the Illuminated, Cracken and Myers fled to the Outer Rim where they repaired, regrouped, and recruited new men to replace those lost. These new trainees would later become known as the first Tempest legion.

Eventually, the group now calling themselves the Tempests ended up back in Imperial controlled space where they were granted refuge by the Empress and given land upon the surface of Dantooine. In exchange for her help, the Empress ordered the Tempests to attack the Republic at Ord Binir, where they slaughtered the Republic forces there. While on Ord Binir, Maxwell met with the Jedi Baenre who provided proof that the Illuminated were the sole betrayers of the Tempests and that the Republic was innocent. Armed with this new found information, the Tempests retreated to Rishi, abandoning the Empire. While on Rishi, the Tempsts continued to grow and train.

With the Illuminated finally at an end, Maxwell approached the Republic on a diplomatic mission. To atone for their ‘atrocities’ committed on Ord Binir, the Supreme Chancellor commanded that the Tempests go on a campaign to conquer the Tion Cluster for the Republic. She furnished the group with six old Mon Calamar Star Cruisers, type 80, each with a complement of starfighters and ground assault craft. Myers returns with Rishi with the new ships and equipment, and with Cracken, undertake a massive recruitment drive to man these vessels and had enough troops to begin their invasion.

With the election of a new Supreme Chancellor, the tempests were brought into the fold of the Republic, with Maxwell becoming the General of of the Republic Army and Alrec Admiral of the fleet. However, shortly after taking their new positions, the Sith began a new war which started with their conquest of the devastated world of Coruscant. The battle was over before Cracken could arrive with reinforcements, but he did see action in over two dozen subsequent Sith invasions before they finally invaded the capital at Bestine IV. Despite fighting a hopeless battle against incredible odds, and the destruction of most of the Republic fleet, Alrec managed to escape destruction with a small number of ships after rescuing the remaining tempests forces, including Maxwell. Now he's on the run, being hounded by the Sith fleet and Lord Cerrabus.

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