'Altars' are alien artifacts which were once believed to be used for 'summoning beasts.' It is now known that they were actually alien contraptions which transform any being into a 'Titan', 'Leviathon' or something else, depending on the species and build of the original being.

An Altar is activated by activating switches at five 'control points' which surround each altar. Once this is done, the five control points take five minutes to warm up, before activating, burning the symbol of what was once believed to be a pentagram into the ground. This, in turn, activates the main altar, where the intended being is placed, where the altar will then transform the intended being into another form. If one of the control points is deactivated while the being is in its 'Demon State,' they will transform back into their original state.


These are the locations of European altars

Albania - Tirana - Skanderbeg Square

Austria - Vienna - Augarten

the Czech Republic - Prague - Prague Castle or the river

Denmark - Copenhagen - Christiansborg Palace

France - Paris - Arc de Triumph

Germany - Berlin - Reichstag

Greece - Athens - Acropolis



Ireland - Listoghil

Italy - Rome - Vatican City

the Netherlands





Spain - Barcelona - Sagrada Familia



Turkey - Ankara

Ukraine - Kiev - Independence Square

England - London - Big Ben

Scotland - Edinburgh - Melrose Abbey/Edinburgh Castle

Wales - Cardiff - Cardiff Castle

Northern Ireland - Giant's Causeway

There are other altars, but the Australian one is already taken by humanity, and the others are broken...

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