USJ Alumni Database

The USJ Alumni Database is a non-profit effort to bring all USJers (alumni, students and professors) to post their profiles under the Wik'USJ project in order to be accessible for everybody (from old friends all the way to recruiters alike) to get hold of anybody who went through the greatest Francophone university in the Middle East (funny this Wiki is in English, eh?)

This page will serve as a portal and will be later moved to a portal page anyway.

How can you help improve this page or bring people to list themselves under it..?

Also, you are welcome to suggest a reasonable structure for this page since it will serve like an exhaustive index for ALL USJers!

Please go to the Discussion page (Cf. top of this page) to make your suggestions and share your ideas with the other Editors!


Go add your self in your faculty's page. Add your faculty if it does not exist herebelow:

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