Write the text of your article here! Alvin Forever After Is An 2012 Upcoming Short Direct To- Oline Movie Featuring The Alvin And The Chipmunks Charectars It Will Be Released On Youtube On March 27th, 2012 Before Alvin And The Chipmunks 4; Chip Out Luck Come's Out.

Plot- Simon Force's Alvin To Sign A Contract Called Chipmunk For A Day Alvin Signs It. Alvin Goes Into A Pot Of Yellow Jelly Wich Turns Out To Be Oil He Steps In It And He Turns Into A Teenager Named 15 Year Old- Alvin (Voiced By spongebob squarepants) The Teenage Version of Alvin See's A Wanted Poster Of Lan Hawke Alvin Goes To Find His House Elanor The Guards Take Him To Lan And The City Turns Out To Be An Alert Version Of The Earth Alvin And Elanor Escape From Lan Then Elanor Finds Out The Difference's Of Alvin Alvin Tell's Elanor That He Signs A Contract Called Chipmunk For A Day Wich He Tries To Explain To Elanor She Does'nt Seem To Understand. Alvin Goes To Find Brittany She is'nt in West EastMan So She Is With The Security Guards (From The First Movie) Wich Alvin Does'nt Realize. He Finds Simon Eating (Rice Crispy's Cereal) Alvin And Simon Try To Find The Way Back To California Alvin Blame's Simon For Everything He Has Done Especally For Forcing Him To Give Up His Life, Theodore And Jeanette See Alvin Angry He Explains To Him That Simon has Played A Trick On Him Theodore Is Dissapointed In Alvin For Walking From Brittany And Blaming Her. Later Simon Apligize's To Alvin For Making Him Feel Bad For Tricking Him Alvin Goes To Defeat Lan He Defeats Him By Shining A Light On Him Alvin Returns Himself Back To Normal Califonia Is Back To Normal Alvin Is Back With Brittany Theodore Jeanette And Elanor Including Simon In The Credits Lan Is Seen Dancing in his cage While Simone (Voiced By Puss In Boots) Plays A Flute.

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