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  • Simon as Knuckles
  • Jeanette as Amy
  • Theodore as Tails
  • Eleanor as Cosmo
  • Alvin as Sonic
  • Brittany as Blaze (both begin with 'B')
  • Dave as Vector
  • Claire as Vanilla
  • Ian as Dr. Eggman
  • and more
Scratchpad 2
  • Simon as Knuckles (they both wear red)
  • Jeanette as Amy (they both wear pink)
  • Theodore as Tails (they're both young)
  • Eleanor as Cosmo (both love Tails and Theodore)
  • Alvin as Sonic (both leaders)
  • Brittany as Blaze (both love Sonic and Alvin and had their names begin with 'B')
  • Dave as Vector
  • Ian as Dr. Eggman (they're both evil)
  • Vanilla as Claire (both love Dave and Vector)

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