The Wiggles

Dave Seville as Greg (both songwriters)

Alvin Seville as Murray (both wear red)

Theodore Seville as Jeff (both short)

Simon Seville as Anthony (both wear blue)

The Friends

Toby Seville as Professor Singolotta

Captain Hook (from Peter Pan) as Captain Feathersword (both pirates)

The Chef (from South Park) as Paul the Cook (both cooks)

Brittany Miller as neighbor's daughter's niece 1

Jeannette Miller as neighbor's daughter's niece 2

Eleanor Miller as Dorothy the Dinosaur (both green and cute)

Scooby-Doo (from Scooby-Doo) as Wags the Dog (both brown dogs)

Oswald (from Oswald) as Henry the Octopus (both octopus)

Miss Miller as the wiggle's neighbor

Ariel (from The Little Mermaid) as Magelenda the Mermaid (both mermaids)

Flora Door as herself

Officer Beaples as herself

Claire Wilson as daughter of the wiggle's neighbor

Ian Hawke as neighbor's daughter's husband


Scene 1: Introduction


THE SEVILLES: We're the wiggles.

DAVE: I'm Greg.

ALVIN: I'm Murray.


SIMON: And I'm Anthony.

DAVE: And today, we're going to se a neighbor, her daughter, and her daughter's nieces, and of course, dorothy the dinosaur, henry the octopus, wags the dog, captain feathersword, and others.


Scene 2: Company

THEODORE: I'll get it.

DAVE: Look, it's Dorothy, Henry, Captain Feathersword, and Wags.

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