alagateryandchestnut3's movie spoof of 1992's Aladdin


  • Aladdin: Alvin (It's Okay to Justin Bonesteel)
  • Jasmine: Brittany (It's Okay to Justin Bonesteel)
  • Genie: Big Bird 
  • Jafar: Luciaus
  • Iago: Donald Duck
  • Abu: Hocus Pocus
  • Sultan: Uncle Max
  • Rajah: Dug
  • Peddler: Grover
  • Gazeem the Thief: Chuckles
  • Prince Achmed: Stewie
  • Razoul: Oscar
  • Old Man Jafar: Oswidge
  • Carpet:M.E.R.C.
  • Abu as Elephant: Snuffy
  • Toy Abu: Energizer Bunny


  • This is alagateryandchesnut3's first movie-spoof ever.

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