In present day, the people in the United States of America are an extremely large assortment of cultures and ethnicity. There is a countless amount of languages spoken, yet we are pretty well adjusted to this life-style. Every morning we wake up and get ready, go to work or school, come home and spend time with family or continue working, and then settle down for bed.

If we took a trip back to the year 1925, there would be a whole new story. At the time, millions of Europeans were immigrating overseas to come to the new land that offered endless opportunities and better money. People were sure that they would raise healthy families and live a great lifestyle in the U.S. However, the journey across the ocean wasn’t very pleasant.

My mother’s grandparents went through this exact situation. They were born in Russia in the early 1900’s and at around 1920; they immigrated to the United States. Back then, large families were very common, therefore many babies died. That is what happened with my great grandparents. They were one of many, up to eleven siblings, and unfortunately, when the trip was made, not all of them were alive.

My great grandmother was about five years old when her parents decided to make the big move because of better job opportunities and an overall better lifestyle. Though I am unaware of the conditions they were under while coming over the ocean, I do know that they went into Ellis Island as did millions more. Both of my great grandparents immigrated within five years of each other and settled in Philadelphia.

Although this story should reveal a lot about my past and my culture, there is not much I can explain. Since then, family has been in both Philadelphia and upstate Pennsylvania. My father’s side of the family is also Russian, but I can assume their journey was similar. I wish I could get every detail possible, but I think that makes my history more interesting. I am Pennsylvania Dutch, Russian, German, English, and Scottish. Therefore, tracing back my ancestors would be a very difficult task.

I feel that immigrating to the U.S. was a smart move on their part because there are better opportunities here, better health care, and these days, we have advanced technology and tons of positive reasons to be proud of being American. So, I can honestly say “It’s Anyone’s Guess” to discover a story that tells the legend of Russian immigration, but I know enough to be proud of where I came from.

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