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I have always wondered how these things work, but thanks to BECA 670, I am finally able to organize my life via wiki.

The How To's

There are lonely days to be had at SF State, especially the first few months of freshman year. I moved to San Francisco after graduating high school in a small town about an hour and a half away. There was only one middle school and high school in my town I so knew everyone very well. I always considered myself a very outgoing person, but moving away from everything I have come to know and love, while immersing myself into a large city is an intense experience. These are a few great ways to meet people at such a busy campus no matter what major they have decided for themselves.

How To Meet People

When I moved here I had a hard time meeting people. I lived in The Towers so the typical dorm life was out of the picture. My second semester of my freshmen year I decided to make it a point to branch out. I rushed for Alpha Phi, a national sorority here on campus. There were 25 girls attempting to get into one of the 4 available spots and I was lucky enough to be one of them! Alpha Phi is the 4th oldest sorority in the nation, and is rated in the top 5 most competitive sororities to rush. Over the course of 3 years the sorority has continued to grow and has no plans to slow down. It currently has 90 members. Alpha Phi really helped me meet people and go back to my outgoing self. I decided to leave the sorority last spring so that I could spend my final year at SFSU focused on my studies.

To find out more about Alpha Phi, select the following

Alpha Phi Homepage

Alpha Phi Eta Theta (SFSU)

How To Stay In Shape

Staying in shape in college can be a struggle for most. I danced for the majority of middle school and all of high school so I was very pleased to learn how great the dance program at SFSU is. My freshman year I was enrolled in 5 dance classes ranging in skills and style. There are pros and cons about the classes:


1. You get credit for dancing

2. You get a great work out in a fun environment

3. There is no homework!


1. The majority of the classes are at 8am twice a week so if you like to sleep in then it could be a problem

2. You MUST attend every class, believe me if you are not there not only will people notice but so will you when you don't know the next 8 count

3. To move up to the higher levels you have to audition for the [School Of Music and Dance]

I love to dance! But trying to fit it into my schedule has been impossible these past 2 semesters. (explaining why I may not be in the best of shape)

How To Get Toasty Before Class

I am a lush. Not the bad kind, the good kind. there a good kind? Surprisingly there are a lot of people who do not know about the pub on campus, this makes me sad. How horrible is it that the majority of students go throughout their day moaning and groaning about homework and tests when they could chill out and relax at the pub! It is also my favorite breakfast spot on campus. Lucky for me I found out about this gem my freshmen(!) year and have been a frequent customer ever since. They never did catch on to that fake I.d. I had. The pub is open Monday-Friday from 11am to aprox 9pm. The owner Ferris is great he himself went to SF State, and so did the majority of the workers there. Ferris' cousin owns the Mr. Pickles in Daly City...I have no idea why I chose to include that fact, but I figured I would. The pub use to sell pitchers which they have discontinued due to morons who would steal them. A year ago I was enrolled in golf class and some of my classmates and I made it a tradition to grab a pitcher before we went to go hit some balls! The drinking didn't stop there though, he would stuff forties of Old E in our golf bags to continue the only fun thing with this sport.

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