Amanra is a Nubian mercenary leader, the daughter of a warchief and a devotee of Isis. At an early age, Amanra went with her father into battles. She soon established her reputation as a legendary fighter. Amanra's commander is a man of great incompetence, who only got his position because of his friendship with Amanra. In Fall of the Trident, Arkantos encounters Amanra after emerging from the underworld in Egypt, where he helps her to recover the pieces of the body of Osiris, who was killed by his evil brother Set, and bring him back to life, knowing that Osiris has the power to stop Gargarensis and his ally Kemsyt from opening the entrance to the underworld located in Egypt. Amanra afterwards follows Arkantos throughout the remainder of his journey.

In The New Atlantis Amanra, now a Nubian queen, is in charge of the Egyptian forces sent to reinforce Sikyos against Kastor and the Atlantean invaders. After learning of Kastor's deception by the Servant of Kronos, she joins him in his mission to stop the Titans from escaping Tartarus.

Amanra wields a bladed staff and her special ability is to take a great leap, sometimes allowing her to jump over walls in much the same manner as an Anubite. Amanra's name could be a pun on "Amon-Ra," a form of Ra worshipped in the south of Egypt.

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