Amazing Animal Land is one of the seven areas in Cartoon Fun World. It features attractions based on Larry's Amazing Animals, a spin off that only features the characters from Clifford's Really Big Movie with the exception of the Clifford the Big Red Dog characters. Here are the list of attractions:

Shackelford's High Flying Coaster: See how high you can fly with Shackelford in this fast and furry roller coaster!

Rodrigo's Weight Lift Drops: Rodrigo will drop his weights along with your help as you shoot across the sky in this drop tower like ride.

Dorothy's High Wire Pendulums: Help Dorothy get over her fear of heights in this high to the sky pendulum ride!

Dirk's Extreme Flyers: Go extreme in this thrill seeking plane ride with Dirk!


Amazing Animal Treats: You will love the candies, chocolates, cotton candies, marsmallows and other sweet treats at this food vendor!

Shackelford's Amazing Pastries: Pies, Danish pastries, profiteroles, choux pastries and strudels are sold here to complete your day a high flying good time!

Rodrigo's Casa de Helado: Fresh homemade ice cream are served here with various flavors.

Dorothy's High Wire Refreshments: Cold drinks, fruit juices and smoothies are sold here at this vendor!

Dirk's Extreme Pizzeria and Pastas: A daredevil like Dirk himself just couldn't resist Italian food! This cool dude dachshund dog serves various types of pasta with different sauces and pizzas.


Larry's Amazing Animal Emporium: You can find many T shirts, plush toys, hats and more at Larry's amazing emporium!

Amazing Animal Gifts: More character plush toys are sold here in this amazing toy shop!

Stage shows:

Larry's Amazing Animals Live!: You can watch Larry and his amazing animals live as they perform their usual daring feats and stunts from their own TV show and Clifford's Really Big Movie! As usual, Larry will announce each act to visitors of the park.


Larry and his Amazing Animals appear as Meet and Greet characters


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