PHY layer ethernet

See SoftwareDefinedRadio for Ethernet phy layer development by Ettus.


passive optical networks

optical switching networks

Telecoms professionals

Gigabit ethernet

Passive optical network

Ethernet switches 32 swithces

Serial latency: how many devices? Up to 32 devices in a daisy-chain can be sensibly deployed in an industrial setting. Theoretically there could be dozens of device deployed in a chain through use of store and forward technology ¨C used by both daisy-chain devices and standard Ethernet switches. This assures that each packet is checked for accuracy before being forwarded on the network. The cost of that accuracy is 20-40¦Ìs latency for the average automation protocol message passing through each device. This means that the total time it takes for a message to travel from the first device in a chain of 32 to the last device would be less than 1.3ms absolute worst case. Fiber switch Hardware forum routers for daisy chained components 4 switches will result in latency 16 switches daisy-chain


* comp.dcom.lans.ethernet     



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