New Visage Costumers character

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Full human name: Amber DeReed
Primary player: Firebird
Debut: March 27, 2005

Amber DeReed is an immortal living in the mortal world. She owns and operates the magical costume shop New Visage Costumers with her friend and employee, Jenny Turnbul. Before meeting Jenny, she was best friends and partners with Ginger Davalos, but they later had a falling out when Ginger began letting her personal life interfere with her work. She is currently romantically involved with MPAgent Geoff Robinson.


Amber was born in 1476 AD in Atlantis. She moved to pre-colonial North America with her mother where they traveled around the continent selling magical masks to the natives and other inhabitants. They settled in Salem, Massachusetts in early 1692 where Amber's mother and older sister were the first killed during the witch trials, which set off the next year of persecution and distrust throughout the area. After fleeing Salem, Amber was on her own and continued to sell masks before opening up NVC in a small colonial town on the east coast. She met Ginger in the mid 1800's, The first immortal she'd ever come across since she lost her family.

Notable Visages

Triceratops, Mermaid

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