Amber Hague

Having been born and raised as a Dathomirian Witch, Amber Hague is not new to the force and it's power. Having had a basic grasp of it since she was young, she has used and abused it's powers many times already for very selfish consequences.

However, for her it has never been enough. Every time she uses the force she is aware of the vast potential avaliable to her - potential she can't imagine.

For so long now, she has obtained everything she has ever wanted. The men she wanted she used then disposed of. The power she wanted she sought until she found. But now she's used everything that Dathomir could provide.

Seduced by this power, she has left Dathomir in search of the Sith Stronghold, willing and capable to get this power she so desires.

For months and months she sought the Sith, knowing not where to look next. She sought and sought until she ran out of ideas.

Finally, she gave up, a beaten person, after having searched the infamous archives of the Obrai-Skasi library. Heading back towards the ship she had stolen from a man she had killed, she was attacked by a group of men with unscrupulous intentions.

Despite easily killing them all, she noticed a lone figure, cloaked in a dark black cloak watching every move. Once she had finished with the men, Amber turned to face the lone figure, inviting him towards him. In a single blink of an eye, Amber opened her eyes to an empty space where once the lone figure stood.

Confused and astounded, she stared into the empty space for an instant more, before turning around, and walking almost straight into the figure. "How...?" she began, confused, and frightened for the first time in her life.

"I am the Sith Knight Darth Rivan. And I've come to provide you with what you seek". The Sith gave her the location of the Sith Temple - provided she take up the name Darth Rivan. Agreeing without even a single thought, she set the ship for the Sith Stronghold, and engaged the hyperdrive, beginning her new life.

Upon arriving at the Temple, Amber was trained by Sirch Tirvannus as a Sith Knight. Upon being made a Sith Knight, she herself took on some Apprentices.

However, during training her first Apprentice she was drawn to an unnamed planet on the Outer Rim. Upon reaching the planet - deserted of almost everyone - she found herself engaged in combat by the Jedi Knight Zaine Lowe. A fairly even fight was interupted by the arrival of a power Sith Lady - Kikatris Hague.

Kikatris - Amber's great-grandmother - had been the Apprentice of Darth Plagueis before he took on Darth Sidious. He had double crossed her, causing her to be trapped by the locals and imprisoned in carbonite. She had been released by accident; and as a result had wreacked havoc.

Amber took Kikatris back to the Sith, and helped her relative become Dark Lady of the Sith.

However, with every passing day that Kikatris became less popular, Amber sought to distance herself. She had developed a crush for Krell Qel-Droma, a Sith Lord in competition with Kikatris to the throne. Amber continued training Apprentices, and decided - as most Sith would - to hedge her bets. When the time is right, she thought, she would make her move.

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