Son of Diago Rensin, Sir Rensin inherited his father's knighthood in a part of the the Old Kingdom called Cronberg. He moved to the West when Sir Gregory Grimwar moved there, but did not go to West End. Instead, he led a band of Knights who intended to conquer West End. Not a wholly unlikable man, he still intended to conquer West End by force and still might have if the Company of the Red Spear was unable to convince Sir Gregory Grimwar to take action in one way or another.

Formerly the commander of a fortress named Redkeep, he was solely responsible for the defense and leadership of West End and Redkeep. In 51 AF, he stepped down from the Council of the West. He Passed away in 57 AF of natural causes. He is survived by his son Estaban Rensin (25 in 60 AF) and his son's fiance Felice Rensin (39 in 60 AF), and also his daughter Maribelle Goodwin (40 in 60AF) and her husband Sir Lorne Goodwin (46 in 60 AF).

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