American Dragon: Jake Long Z is an action/comedy anime series based on the American animated television series American Dragon: Jake Long. The anime is co-produced by Walt Disney Animation and Aniplex and was animated by Toei Animation (designs by Miho Shimogasa of Sailor Moon) and Toon Boom Animation (animation shots and character layouts by Chris Savino). Despite producing occured in both Japan and the United States, Jeff Goode, the original creator of American Dragon: Jake Long was not involved in the project, although he did do the character designs.


The anime was produced by Toei Animation and Toon Boom Animation, airing in TV Tokyo in September 4, 2012. An English-dubbed version was produced by Walt Disney Animation, featuring the original cast reprising their roles, while some of them replaced. The English version only aired in Disney XD on Septmeber 14, 2012.

Despite the characters being designed by Jeff Goode, Chris Savino and Miho Shimogasa, the characters designs are a combaination of the characters first and second season looks from the original series but in an anime style such as Jake's head being from Season One while his jacket and body are from Season Two. Even his dragon form, looks like both of the seasons, featuring the face and muscles from the first season and the lower body and eye expressions from the second season. All of the first season characters appear to have a major role, even the second season. Also, the Huntclan's designs are from the first season, even the Huntsboys.

The Japanese theme songs were released in CDs. In the English dub, the original series' theme song "The Chosen One" was used for the opening theme, but instead of Mavin or The Jonas Brothers, the theme song was sung by Big Time Rush (a Nickelodeon band) and the lyrics are a combination of both seasons theme songs (ex: From the J to the A to the K to the E, I'm the magical protector of the NYC, ya heard?). The end credits in the English version used instrumental versions from the first season theme song.


As the anime reboot, 13-year old Jake Long becomes the new American Dragon and has to train to become superpowerful in order to defeat The Huntsclan and other evil villains from their dasterdly deeds.


  • Dante Basco - Jacob "Jake" Luke Long
  • Keone Young - Luong "Grandpa" Lao Shi
  • John DiMaggio - Fu Dog
  • Charlie Finn - Arthur "Spud" P. Spudenski
  • Kali Troy - Trixie Carter
  • Amy Bruckner - Haley Kay Long
  • Mae Whitman - Rose/Huntsgirl
  • Jeff Bennett - John Long
  • Lauren Tom - Susan Long
  • Dan Green - The Huntsman (replacing Jeff Bennett)
  • Cle Bennett - Huntsboy#88 (replacing Kyle Massey)
  • Danny Cooksey - Huntsboy#89 (replacing Nicholas Brendon)
  • Paul Rugg - Professor Rotwood
  • Kevin Richardson - Dark Dragon (replacing Clancy Brown)
  • Tara Strong - Chang (replacing Lauren Tom)
  • - Bananas B (replacing Adam Wylie)
  • Matt Nolan - Brad Morton
  • Tom Kenny - Eli Panderus (replacing Johnathan Freeman)

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