The American Football League is an American-based professional football league. It is the prominent league in the United States buying out the NFL in 1978.


AFL West AFL Central AFL East
Los Angeles Chargers Minnesota Vikings Green Bay Packers
Oakland Raiders Nebraska Tornadoes Indianapolis Colts
Las Vegas 49ers Des Moines Pirates Manhattan Jets
Arizona Heat Kansas City Chiefs Yorkville Yankees
Denver Broncos St. Louis Cardinals Boston Americans
Dallas Cowboys New Orleans Saints Philadelphia Eagles
Houston Texans Little Rock Travelers Miami Dolphins

AFL Bowl Championships

Number Year Champion
I 1978 New Orleans Saints
II 1979 Kansas City Chiefs
III 1980 St. Louis Cardinals
IV 1981 Denver Broncos
V 1982 Kansas City Chiefs
VI 1983 Denver Broncos
VII 1984 Miami Dolphins
VIII 1985 Boston Americans
VIV 1986 Boston Americans
X 1987 Boston Americans
XI 1988 Denver Broncos
XII 1989 Kansas City Chiefs
XIII 1990 Boston Americans
XIV 1991 Dallas Cowboys
XV 1992 St. Louis Cardinals
XVI 1993 Yorkville Yankees
XVII 1994 Dallas Cowboys
XVIII 1995 Kansas City Chiefs
XVIV 1996 Boston Americans
XX 1997 Manhattan Jets
XXI 1998 Green Bay Packers
XXII 1999 Green Bay Packers
XXIII 2000 Yorkville Yankees
XXIV 2001 (cancelled due to 9/11 attacks)
XXV 2002 Boston Americans
XXVI 2003 Arizona Heat
XXVII 2004 Green Bay Packers
XXVIII 2005 Des Moines Pirates
XXIX 2006 Kansas City Chiefs
XXX 2007 St. Louis Cardinals
XXXI 2008 Little Rock Travelers
XXXII 2009 Miami Dolphins
XXXIII 2010 Indianapolis Colts
XXXIV 2011 Nebraska Tornadoes
XXXV 2012 Arizona Heat
XXXVI 2013 Kansas City Chiefs
XXXVII 2014 Boston Americans
XXXVIII 2015 Boston Americans



Lamar Hunt was a sucessful buisnessman living in Dallas, Texas, He talked to the NFL commissioner and asked to move the Cardinals from Chicago to Dallas. The NFL commisioner declined the offer and so Lamar Hunt created his own football league, the American Football League, which consisted of the Chiefs, Raiders, Chargers, Steelers, and Patriots.

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