The American Republic is a state.

American Republic
National motto Latin E pluribus unum meaning "Out of Many, One"
National anthem "The Star-Spangled Banner"
National animal Rattlesnake
Official language English, Spanish, and Japanese
Official religion None
Official ideology Reform liberalism
Capital Portland, Jefferson
Largest city Tokyo, Japan
Territorial autonomy Federal republic
Form of government Presidental republic
Party in power Old Democratic Party
President None
Vice President None
Area 1,132,363 km²
Population 367,089,268 inhabitants
Population density 324.18 inhabitants per km²
Independence April 25th, 2056
Power ranking Regional power
Currency Republican dollar ($)


The American Republic declared its independence from the United States of America in 2050, fighting against the United Christian States of America in the Second American Civil War. Following six years of bloody conflict that included the American Nuclear Exchange, the American Republic and the UCSA signed the Dallas Peace Accords, which dissolved the United States of America and granted sovereignty to the Republic. The American Republic took to isolationism during the Central Power's invasion of the UCSA and Word War 3. On October 12th, 2160, the federal government created the state of Jefferson from parts of southern Washington and northern Oregon.


The continental Republic is located on the north-west coast of North America, and its two island protectorates are situated in the Pacific. The continental Republic is bordered by the United Christian States of America to the east, the North-West Oil Emirate to the north, and the Western Wastes and the Central Powers to the south. The Protectorate of Japan is closest to the People's Republic of Asia. The Republic has a historical claim to the Western Wastes, which were a state of the Republic before a the American Nuclear Exchange rendered them uninhabitable.






The American Republic is a presidential, constitutional, federal republic. Governers and senators are elected by the citizens of their representative states every five years. Federal elections are also held every five years. Citizens elect a president, who appoints all members of federal government. The political party currently in power is the Old Democratic Party, though no citizens have as of yet stepped up to become president.

Domestic politics

There are three political parties in the American Republic:

The last elections were held in NEVER. The next elections are to be held UNKNOWN.

International relations

The Republic's current concern is that the People's Republic of Asia will attempt an invasion of Japan and Hawaii.


No information.


The American Republic's economy is a free market.


This state currently has no citizens. To apply for citizenship, please visit the American Republic's discussion page and leave a message requesting citizenship. If you are the first citizen of a state, go ahead and declare yourself leader, or wait for others to join and decide who's leader.

Current events

There are no current events for this state.

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