Amethyst Giger is the main protagonist, the love interest of Arnold Royce, the sister of Rose and Scarlet, and the cousin of Christie Giger appearing in Pinewood Middle School. Voiced by Grey Griffin, she has pale skin, black hair to which she ties in a ponytail, green eyes, wears glasses and wears a white long sleeved school shirt, blue pleated skirt, black longstockings and white ballet flats. At her age, she is 13 years old.


  1. Carienne and Reginald Giger (Parents)
  2. Lana and Cameron Giger (Aunt and Uncle)
  3. Scarlet and Rose Giger (Sisters)
  4. Christie Giger (Cousin)
  5. Checkmate (Pet Cat)
  6. Arnold Royce (Love Interest)
  7. Mackenzie Lloyd (Rival)
  8. Mitchie O'Hara (Best Friend)
  9. Cole Winston (Worst Nightmare)


  1. Liking for Arnold
  2. Being friends together with Mitchie
  3. Running the Girly Gossip


  1. Her rivalry with Mackenzie
  2. Being admired by Cole
  3. Losing her glasses

List of Five Things that Cole Winston admired her

  1. Wanting a chance to date her
  2. Giving her the flowers
  3. Marrying her
  4. Hanging out with her
  5. Dancing along with her 


  1. She is a geek who makes amends
  2. Her long black socks are shareable with Charleigh's and Madeline's
  3. When doing Mariachi music, she wears a Skills USA uniform
  4. As revealed in May I Have Your Dance, she has a prom with Arnold
  5. She is also a skilled gardener, as revealed in It's A Braces Thing
  6. One of the boys she doesn't like is Cole Winston

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