The Amish are descendants of Alien's. They have come from the nuclear planet VolkFunk, . Specifically, renegade aliens completely against the technology that their peers created (ie spaceships, laserbeams, cell phones). Of course, modern day Amish are less extreme are more private. The amish jave constrictive viewpoints. Their ideas and natural feelings are censored in every way. In fact, Amish don't even have feelings. They don't have sense. They just are...and that's it. Like amoebic blobs drifting through life refusing to change, adapt or evolve. Through their silent quest throug life, they love to acknowledge, and watch their surroundings. Gradually, packing up information. Perhaps, some say, to once aghain take over the world. But this behavior seems to extreme for the Amish. The Amish work their entire leaves like mindless drones, like modern day zombies. With better skin of course. Just like Christians, they also believe they have a higher place in life. They believe that someday soon, their hard work will be paid off and the space ship will come and take them back to planet Volkfunk. Now of course, all their rewards will be reaped in their, and they will be fulfilled with bread and butter and horse and buggies for everyone. But of course, you can't live in paradise on this alone. So they will then begin to have to work for newer rewards. The Amish are never happy. They are complete work machines. Even in their spare time, they work. And in their version of heaven on VolkFunk, they work even more.

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