Amnesia: Psychic Spelunker
Inart psychicspelunker
Developer(s) Paul Willarson
Publisher(s) The GOAT Store
Designer(s) Dan Loosen, Paul Willarson
Latest version
Release date(s) 2007
Genre(s) Adventure
Mode(s) Single player
Platform(s) Sega Dreamcast
Media CD-ROM
System requirements

Amnesia: Psychic Spelunker is an upcoming adventure game for the Sega Dreamcast that is being designed by Dan Loosen of The GOAT Store. It is being coded by Paul Willarson, who is well known for the DreamScript coding language as well as for the ports of the emulators SNES9x (the Dreamcast port of which is known as Super Famicast), and the continuation of NesterDC (NesterDC SE).

The game will be open ended with multiple paths and at least 32 different endings (and only one "real" ending). The player will be able to get something and try using it just about anywhere, and then be able to use it there with different results. Because adventure games ultimately do need a goal, and using a ton of different things in tons of different ways has the potential to make the game overly frustrating, the VMU will play a crucial part in the adventure by hinting to you about things as you go. This is intended to give the game replayability, a trait which adventure games traditionally lack.

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