Amy Mizuno is Izzy's love interest appearing in Sailor Moon. She has blue hair and blue eyes. She wears her Mirror, Mirror On The Wall outfit consisting of: white long sleeves under her blue dress and white high heels. She also wears blue earrings. In school days, her school uniform consists of: a lightish blue middle school uniform, which has a blue sailor collar with two white stripes, a red ribbon on the front of her uniform, a white school top with short puffy sleeves, a blue pleated skirt with a blue ribbon on her back, white socks and blue shoes. In prom nights, her prom dress consists of: a green dress with a green ribbon on her back, a yellow long sleeved shirt and white high heels.


  • Mrs. Mizuno (Mother)
  • Akane Tendo (Twin Sister)
  • Izzy Izumi (Husband)
  • Kae Izumi (Mother-in-Law)
  • Masami Izumi (Father-in-Law)
  • Genki (Son)


  • Hanging out with Izzy.
  • Doing computer business.
  • Fighting crime.


  • Killing herself and making her visor goggles break apart.
  • Her worst nightmare.
  • Termites.


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