Amy and Tiff's Adventures of Robin Hood

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  • Amy Rose as Robin Hood
  • Fumu/Tiff as Little John
  • Sonic as Maid Marian
  • Rouge as Lady Kluck
  • Antoine as Allan-a-Dale
  • King Dedede as Prince John
  • Escargoon as Hiss
  • Shadow as Sheriff of Nottingham
  • Sir Ebrum as Friar Tuck
  • Chef Kawasaki as Otto
  • Vanilla as Mrs. Rabbit
  • Tails as Skippy
  • Bun/Tuff as Toby
  • Cosmo as Sis
  • Cream as Tagalong
  • Bocoe as Trigger
  • Decoe as Nutsy

Note: The list may need improvements. Feel free to make edits if you wish, but don't edit the first 3 characters on this list!

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