Amy and Tiff's Adventures of The Jungle Book

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It uses videos clips from Sonic the Hedgehog episodes and Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, as well as sound clips from The Jungle Book.


  • Fumu/Tiff as Bagheera
  • Amy Rose as Baloo
  • Cream as Mowgli
  • Tails as Shanti
  • King Dedede as King Louie
  • Knuckles as Shere Khan
  • Shadow as Kaa
  • Sir Ebrum as Colonel Hathi
  • Lady Like as Winifred
  • Bun/Tuff as Hathi Jr.
  • Chef Kawasaki as Flaps
  • Chief Bookem as Dizzy
  • Mayor Len as Ziggy
  • Gus as Buzzy
  • Sonic as Rama the Father Wolf
  • Vector as Akela

Note: The list may need improvements. Feel free to make edits if you wish, but don't edit the first 4 characters on this list!

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