Amy and the Dark Hedgehog is a 1995 action/adventure film that stars Amy Rose as the main protagonist.


Planet Mobius suffers permanent darkness! By order of Dr. Robotnik, a dark hedgehog has just turned day into night by covering up the sun in Mobius's solar system. And that's not the only case -- Sonic has also been held captive by this dark hedgehog! A young girl hedgehog, Amy Rose, must rescue Sonic and break the curse of the long-lasting darkness in Mobius.


  • Kellie Martin as Amy:
An 11-year-old pink hedgehog who falls in love Sonic every time she sees him.
  • Jaleel White as Sonic:
A 15-year-old blue hedgehog who is held captive by the dark hedgehog during the darkness curse.
  • Rob Paulsen as Dr. Robotnik:
The mad scientist who is trying everything he can to rule Mobius once and for all.
  • Frank Welker as Maurice:
The dark hedgehog that makes Mobius never see the light of day.

Release Dates

  • June 30, 1995 (theatrical trailer)
  • September 27, 1995 (theatrical)
  • February 27, 1996 (VHS)
  • April 23, 1996 (MCA/Universal Home Video print)


  • Amy is 11 years old in this movie, while also in her classic design from 1993 to 1998.
  • MPAA Rating: PG (for action violence and some frightening images)
  • The film would be closed-captioned by the Caption Center at WGBH on all six prints.


1996 (Touchstone Home Video print)

  1. Green Warnings (1991)
  2. Touchstone Home Video Logo (1987)
  3. "Coming Soon to Theaters"
  4. James and the Giant Peach Trailer
  5. "Coming Soon to Videocassette"
  6. Operation Dumbo Drop Preview
  7. Tom and Huck Preview
  8. Aladdin and the King of Thieves Preview (Version #1)
  9. "Feature Presentation"
  10. "This film has been modified..."
  11. Touchstone Pictures Logo (1986)
  12. Sega Logo (1992)

1996 (Columbia Tristar Home Video print)

  1. Columbia Tristar Home Video Logo (1993)
  2. "Coming Soon to a Theater Near You"
  3. Matilda (1996) Trailer
  4. "Coming Soon to Home Video"
  5. Jumanji Preview
  6. Magic in the Water Preview
  7. FBI Warning
  8. Tristar Pictures Logo (1993)
  9. Sega Logo (1992)

1996 (20th Century Fox Home Entertainment print)

  1. 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment Logo (1995)
  2. "Coming to Theaters"
  3. The Truth About Cats and Dogs (1996) Trailer
  4. Fox Video Logo (1995)
  5. "The following film has been modified..."
  6. 20th Century Fox Logo (1994)
  7. Sega Logo (1992)

1996 (Paramount Home Video print)

  1. Paramount Home Video Logo ("Coming Attractions") (1995)
  2. Sabrina Preview
  3. Home for the Holidays Preview
  4. Paramount Home Video Logo ("Feature Presentation") (1995)
  5. Paramount Warning Screen
  6. "This film has been modified..."
  7. Paramount Pictures Logo (1995)
  8. Sega Logo (1992)

1996 (MCA/Universal Home Video print)

  • "Also Available from MCA/Universal Home Video"
  • Balto (1995) Trailer
  • Apollo 13 (1995) Trailer
  • Babe (1995) Trailer
  • MCA/Universal Warning Screen
  • "This film has been modified..."
  • MCA/Universal Home Video Logo (1990)
  • Universal Pictures Logo (1991)
  • Sega Logo (1992)

1996 (Warner Home Video print)

  • "Now Available on Video"
  • Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home (1995) Preview
  • The Amazing Panda Adventure (1995) Preview
  • FBI Warning
  • Warner Home Video Logo (1993)
  • Warner Bros. Family Entertainment Logo (1992)
  • Sega Logo (1992)

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