1. Flounder [From The Little Mermaid] as Dumbo
  2. Fievel Mousekewitz as Timothy Q Mouse
  3. Mama Mousekewitz as Mrs Jumbo
  4. Tow Mater [From Cars] as Ringmaster
  5. Big Bird [From Sesame Street] as Casey Junior
  6. Magic Mirror [From Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs] as Mr. Stork
  7. Baloo, Bagheera, and Mowgli [From The Jungle Book] as Bears
  8. Duchess and Marie [From The Aristocats] as Kangaroos
  9. Three Little Pigs [From Disney] as Hippos
  10. Dodger, Rita, and Einsteins [From Oliver and Company] as Tigers
  11. Twilliedee and Twillidumb [From Alice In Wonderland] as Giraffes
  12. Elephant Patrol [From The Jungle Book] as Zebras
  13. Genie [From Aladdin] as Lions
  14. Aurora [From Sleeping Beauty] as Gorillas
  15. Deer [From Bambi] as Camels
  16. Three Little Pigs [From Disney Cartoon]
  17. Mickey, Goofy and Donald [From Disney Cartoon] as Hyenas
  18. Thomas, Percy and James [From Thomas and Friends] as Ostrichs
  19. Wendy [From Peter Pan] as Elephant 1
  20. Alice [From Alice In Wonderland] as Elephant 2
  21. Minnie Mouse [From Disney] as Elephant 3
  22. Sawyer [From Cats Don't Dance] as Elephant 4
  23. Annie [From Little Einsteins] as Elephant 5
  24. Jasmine [From Aladdin]as Elephant 6
  25. Eilonwy [From The Black Cauldron] as Elephant 7
  26. Ariel [From The Little Meramid] as Elephant 8
  27. Mira Nova [From Buzz Lightyear of Star Command] as Elephant 9
  28. Dopey [From Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs] as Smitty the Bully
  29. Lightning McQueen [From Cars] as Joe
  30. Animal Football [From Bedknobs and Broomsticks] as Clown
  31. Pink Elephants as Themelsvse
  32. Woody [From Toy Story] as Jim Crow
  33. Buzz [From Toy Story] as Preacher Crow
  34. Mr. Potato Head [From Toy Story] as Fat Crow
  35. Rex [From Toy Story] as Straw Hatt Crow
  36. Slinky Dog [From Toy Story] as Glasses Crow


  • An American Tail/Dumbo Part 1
  • An American Tail/Dumbo Part 2
  • An American Tail/Dumbo Part 3
  • An American Tail/Dumbo Part 4
  • An American Tail/Dumbo Part 5
  • An American Tail/Dumbo Part 6
  • An American Tail/Dumbo Part 7 Fianl

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