Version 1 (made by TheCityMaker) (Only Full Length Parodys Part 1-9/Video Clips) (Coming Soon To Youtube Spring 2011!)

Tiger as George

Tanya Mousekewitz as Ursula

Goofy (from Mickey Mouse) as Lyle

Wylie Burp as Ape

Ali (from The Land Before Time 4) as George Junior

Fievel as Max

Basil (from The Great Mouse Detective) as Thor

Mama Mousekewitz as Ursula's Mom

Papa Mousekewitz as Ursula's Dad

Jim Crow (from Dumbo) as Kwame

Fidget (from The Great Mouse Detective) as Black Bad Boss African Guy #1

King Louie (from The Jungle Book) as Black Bad Boss African Guy #2

Top Cat (from Top Cat) as Black Bad Boss African Guy #3

Peppermint Patty (from Charlie Brown/Peanuts) as Tookie

Mickey Mouse (from Mickey Mouse) as Shep

Arthur (from Arthur) as The Mean Lion

Belle (from Beauty & The Beast) as The Tiger

Lafayette (from The Aristocats) as German Soilder #1

Adult Kovu (from The Lion King 2) as German Soilder #2

George Jetson (from The Jetsons) as German Soilder #3

Yogi Bear (from Yogi Bear) as German Soilder #4

Tony Mousekewitz as German Soilder #5


Brendan Fraser - Tiger

Leslie Mann - Tanya Mousekewitz

Thomas Haden Church - Goofy

John Cleese - Wylie Burp

Angus T Jones - Ali

Greg Crutwell - Fievel

Abraham Benrubi - Basil

Holland Taylor - Mama Mousekewitz

John Bennett Perry - Papa Mousekewitz

Richard Roundtree - Jim Crow

Craig Robinson - Fidget

Kevin Michael Richardson - King Louie & Top Cat

Gilbert Gottfried - Peppermint Patty

Paul Reubens - Mickey Mouse

Michael Clarke Duncan - Arthur

Tress MacNeille - Belle

Max Von Sydow - Lafayette

Paul Dooley - Adult Kovu

Paul Angelis - George Jetson & Yogi Bear

Gary Coleman - Tony Mousekewitz

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