• Flounder (from The Little Mermaid) as Oliver
  • Fievel Mousekewitz as Dodger
  • Slinky Dog (from Toy Story) as Fagin
  • Warren T. Rat as Tito
  • Gussie Mausheimer as Geogette (Both Gussie Mausheimer and Geogette have names starting with "G")
  • Insectosaurus (from Monsters VS Aliens) as Sykes
  • Onix (from Pokémon) as Einstein
  • Ali (from The Land Before Time 4) as Jenny
  • Sneezy (from Snow White) as Francis
  • Mama Mousekewitz as Rita
  • Doc (from Snow White) as Winston
  • Pete (from Mickey Mouse) and Banzai (from The Lion King) as Roscoe and DeSoto

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