Based on the movie An American Tail 2: Fievel Goes West and my dad's idea.

  • Sonic as Fievel
  • Big as Tiger
  • A random dog character as Wylie Burp
  • A random cat character as Cat R. Waul
  • Dr. Qwark as Chula
  • Rouge as Miss Kitty
  • Manic as Fievel's Brother (if he had one)
  • Sonia as Tanya
  • A random hedgehog girl as Yasha
  • Jules and Queen Aleena as Papa and Mama Mousekewitz
  • Knuckles as Tony Toponi
  • Amy as Bridget
  • Stanley and Ann as Tony and Bridget's baby
  • Tails and Charmy as random baby mice

No flames or spams.

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