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Erigere means "raise" in Latin.

Past participle of Erigere is erto, meaning "raised".

Erta is the feminine form of erto.

In a more military sense, erta took the meaning "lookout, or a high tower".

In Italian, a word "all'erta" was composed, which meant "to the height".

This transferred to the French phrase à l'erte , meaning: "on the watch".

And in 1598, English literature saw the use of "alerte", for the meaning "vigilant".

Alertness was used as a word in 1712.


The implication this knowledge has to an actor is, that if you wish to be alert on stage, try to feel like a soldier on guard, atop a castle tower. Since that is where the term itself has come from. :)


Etymological source:


The Proto-Indo-European ( PIE ) language had a root *kap-

The Sanskrit word कपति ( meaning to take or receive willinglly ) is a derivative of this root.

In Latin, a term capere came up, which meant "take".

ad+capere ( to take ) gave the term "accipere". Past participle of accipere is "acceptus", and its frequentative form is acceptare ( the same meaning as कपति )

Old French modified acceptare to accepter.

In 1360, Accept was used in English with the meaning "to take what is offered".

To an actor, the willingness of the expression of Acceptance should probably be the point to focus on.


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