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Welcome! This is the MINI-WIKI for the Victoria An Empire Returned: A VIP CoOp AAR ( can be found here ). All the info about Characters, Events and the Game can be found here, and it will be updated every 2 weeks, so you can keep up with all that has happened. Enjoy and read the AAR! Robou


Tsar Paul III - Robou

Nikolay Yakov Rosbatatov, Advisor to the Tsar and Council - Naraic

Kniaz Miroslav Marchanovic, Minister of Foreign Affairs - Nightwing666

Radimir Fyodor Konstantin, Governor of the Western Terriorties - (Praetorian)

General Konstantin Kutozov, General of the Imperial Russian Army - TC Pilot

Grand Admiral Evgeny Kolikov, Admiral of the Imperial Russian Fleet - LLi262

Kniaz Felix Czartoryski, General of the Imperial Staff - DerKaiser

Princess Anna Anastasiya, Governess of the Eastern Regions of Lesser Russia - Kauai

Sergey von Kuchling, Governor of the Territories of Southern Russia - Jolt

Peter Vlasdimim - Leader of the Conservertive Party - madgeneral

Baron Nikolai Juvanovich Grushkov, Governor-General of the Finnish Counties - EmperorIke


Pregame desicions -

       - Formation of the Grand Council
       - Formation of the Lesser Councils
       - Debate of Poland Begins
       - Debate over Navy Begins
       - Financial Budget plans formulated


       - The Grand Council decided to send Vitevich to Afganistan
       - The Grand Council voted to give full military and diplomatic aid to Persia
       - The Circassian Revolt started in the Caucaus Mountains
       - Prince Felix was elected as GOvernor of Congress Poland
       - Pricne Felix enacted reforms on Poland
       - Aristocrats of Russia are angry with Poland 
       - Treasury Report Filed
       - First 4 months report filed
       - Gold Discovered in Sitka
       - Capitalists promoted in Moscow
       - End of year 8 month Report filed


       - The Tsar marries Princess Euginie of Sweden
       - Aristocrats meet in Minsk
       - 4 month report filed

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