This is the screen test for What if Esther, the Girl Who Became Queen was produced by Disney/Pixar and made in 1995? (VF2000's version) made in June of 1991.


The piece starts out with Mordecai in his very first appearance, at that time was voiced by Tim Allen, describes all about the motion picture, while Esther is doing her makeup. The music in the background during his speech is “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” as hummed by John Lasseter and Randy Newman.

Then, we go to the first appearance of King Xerxes, at that time, was voiced by Frank Welker, with a voice similar to Xerxes in "Aladdin", and the second appearance of King George's servant, Louis (shown here as Xerxes' assistant, since Haman wasn't created yet.) Xerxes comments on how he thinks the idea is too absurd. Louis, however, mentions he kinda likes the idea.

Back to Mordecai, talking more about it.

Back to Xerxes and Louis, talking some more.

Back to Mordecai, back to Xerxes and Louis, back to Mordecai...

As this happens, Esther tells the camera to watch an origin video about the origins of the Esther story while they battle it out.

Then, we go to a video of John Lasseter (director of Esther, the Girl Who Became QueenA Bug's Life, and Abe and the Amazing Promise) talking about the origins of Esther: The Girl Who Became Queen. Features several films and specials made with 3D graphics, including "Beauty and the Beast" (the ballroom), "King George and the Ducky" (the king's castle), "The Lion King" (the massive stampede), and several Pixar shorts.

As Xerxes and Louis leave, Mordecai concludes. After he concluded, the test ends with a crowd singing "When life hands you a lemon, just have some more beer!"


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