Ant Colony- Power Rangers, Cilan(Pokemon), King Nod, Ed and Eddy, Salem, Rodney Copperbottom and Friends, Larry the Lobster, Mrs. Puff, Optimus Prime, Zazu, Officer Earl, Tintin, Haddock, ETC.

Ant with Food on Leaf- Wheelie

Mr.Soil- Pirate Captain(Band of Misfits)

Flora- Crystal(Marvel)

Atta- Ariel(Little Mermaid)

Thorny-King Triton

Cornelious-Great Prince of the Forest

Queen of Ant Colony-Candy Barbarian

Queen's Pet- Goddard

Two Guys with Dot- Finn the Human and Ash Ketchum

Dot-Melody(The Little Mermaid II)

Flik-Lewis(Meet the Robinsons)

Horn Blower- Louis(TPATF)

Grasshoppers- Zigzag, Nefarious, King Dedede, Hades, Scar, Xandered, Lothor, Mesosog, Nuka, Rothbart, Stewie, Lotso, Mchleah, Shan Yu, Malefor, Horned King, Lord Zedd, Xehanort, Sidious, Voldemort, Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave, Ruber, Tzekel Kan, Froglip, Dai Shi, Etemon, Ansem Seeker of Darkness, Clayton, Radcliffe, Frollo, Firebird, Roukke, Gaston, Shere Khan, Sakharine, Facilier, Amos Slade, Captain Hook, Chernabog, Sykes, Stromboil, Ratigan, Prince John and Sir Hiss, Ronno, Merlock, Ringmaster(Dumbo), Edgar(Aristocats), Gantu, Almeda Slim, Scroop, Calico, Bowler Hat Guy, Stabbington Bros, Stinky Pete, Zurg, King Candy, Syndrome, Randall and Waternoose, Chick Hicks, Skinner, Abis Mal, Saluk, Forte, Buster(Lady and Tramp 2), Horace and Jasper, Rasputin, Eddy's Brother, Grand Duke of Owls, Boningo, Rameses, Gmork, Vader Darth, Vector, Zeebad, Quartermaine, Darth Maul ETC.

Axel and Loco- Harry Lime and Marv Merchants


Thumper-Dagnino(El Arca)

Molt- Pain(Hercules)


Rosie-Zatanna(DC Animated)

P.T Flea- Peter Griffin


Francis-Double D

Hemlich-Sid(Ice Age)

Fly Brothers-Banzai and Fidget

Gypsy-Sabrina(Animated/Secret Life)


Tuck and Roll-Hiro Hamada and Steve Smith

Thud- Gutt(Ice Age)

Blueberry Scouts- Audrey(Lorax)

Blueberries-Frankie(Foster's), Eilowny, Penny(The Rescuers), Shanti, Jenny Foxworth, Anne Marie(ADGOTH), Bubblegum Princess, Cecila(WBADS), Rose(American Dragon Jake Long).

The Bird- Goosey Loosey(Chicken Little 2005)

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