Anastrianna is a character from the Atrician campaign, Finest Hour.

Format: Dungeons & Dragons 3.5

Player "Mallory"
Race Atrician Elf
Religion Jana Iconis
Alignment Chaotic Good
Size Medium
Gender Female
Class(es) Wizard, Level 1
Experience 0/1000


Abilities Base Magic Total Modifier
Strength 15 0 15 +2
Dexterity 17 0 15 +3
Constitution 14 0 15 +1
Intelligence 17 0 15 +3
Wisdom 15 0 15 +2
Charisma 15 0 15 +2
Type AC Base DEX Armor Shield Magic Misc
Basic 13 10 3 0 0 0 0
Touch 13 10 3 - 0 0 0
Flatfoot 10 10 - 0 0 0 0
Save Total Base Stat Misc
FOR +1 +0 +1 +0
REF +3 +0 +3 +0
WIL +4 +2 +2 +0

Character Information

  • Age: 147 human years
  • Hair Colour: blood freshly spilled
  • Eye Colour:green like your Scottish moors
  • Height: Fairly tall for an elf 5'6"
  • Weight: Slim at 125 lbs
  • Appearance: Striking, when you first meet her you are struck with her almost unnatural beauty but then see past the beauty to her keen intelligence
  • Birthplace: Unknown.... her past being a secret that she will keep for now.
  • Father: A high leader in her society.
  • Mother: A trusted confidant that she goes to for advice
  • Siblings:Too many which is why she chooses to go out adventuring
    • Brothers: Numbered in the tens.. exact amount unsure
    • Sisters: None, she is the only girl saved from death only because it was foretold that she will do great things
  • Spouse: Unmarried... and maybe will forever stay that way... This part of the prophecy is kept hidden from her
  • Children: None.
  • Rival: Easy to get along with she has made very few enemies....
  • Best Friend: None, she dares not to let anyone close to her
  • Pet Peeve: The stupidity of humans
  • Phobias: None... she is fearless
  • Favorite Food: She is quite fond of roast... anything
  • Favorite Color: Blue, such as the sea appears when all is quiet
  • Favorite Animal: A graceful leopard...deadly but when its loyalty is aroused fiercely protective
  • Quote: "Always test your beliefs, live life with no fear, and let nothing but your experiences and knowledge guide you."
  • Personality:Easy to get along with when she chooses, but get on her bad side and you will unleash a wrath such as never seen before. Calm, she appreciates the natural beauty around her and will retaliate if anything detrimental is done to nature.. especially her beloved trees.

Personal History

Anastrianna Wyndham is the only daughter of Lilianna and Dane Wyndham. At her birth a prophecy was foretold that she would do great things and be a pivotal part of future events. Her siblings are numbered in the tens all of them brothers. She was raised with a great love of nature and is accustomed to a life of luxury, her father being a respected leader in her society. However, do not let her beauty and rich life deceive you. She is also been trained in the arts of survival and magic. She is well able to defend herself and her allies should she choose to have any. While slow to form attatchments, once they are formed they are for life. Anastrianna is fiercely loyal and will defend those she chooses with her life if need be. Those foolish to get on her bad side will incur her wrath and their life will be made miserable from that point on.

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