The Anatomy of the Multiverse is a plot Arc in the continuity of the Academy of Magic.

Plot Synopsis

Roshiyu Rinomaru takes several students from the Academy on a tour of the Multiverse, partly for entertainment, but the group also has the mission of collecting materials for Kraer Kulnoth's airship.


The group first heads to Ravnica where, due to an Planeswalking error on Arrathir Quinn's part, everyone ends up landing in a pile a trash. Some of the students go to Yugure's home to clean up, while a few head to a local tavern.

Meanwhile, Lowe, who suspects Selendrile is becoming infatuated with Kraer Kulnoth warns Phendra Icen that aven-human hybrids and their mothers seldom survive birth. He asks her to allow him to court Kraer in an attempt to save her.

While the first group heads to the tavern, Lowe begins flirting with Kraer, who is a bit confused by his sudden change in behaviour toward her. Phendra observes this, but does not intervene.

The First Bar

The group reach the Backwater, a local pub, and the students begin milling about, some waiting by the stage for the show to start, others heading for the bar for drinks. As Lowe continues to flirt with Kraer, Phendra pulls him aside. She tells him to stop being so forceful and threatens him if he continues to pressure Kraer. Meanwhile, in the pub, Ryu Phoenix complains to Yugure, saying he was expecting to go to a strip bar.

When Lowe returns to the bar, he sees Sehl holding a small box and inquires about its contents. After a small dispute with Kraer, Lowe bluntly asks her whom she favours, but she refuses to answer.

Meanwhile, Ryu has gotten his hands on some Joyful Chorus and goes around the bar, hitting on women, resulting in him getting burned by Phendra and Kraer (although Kraer merely Forks Phendra's Fireball). The group is eventually thrown out, so after beating Ryu up some more for getting them kicked out they head for a strip bar.

The Second Bar

Lowe offers Kraer to leave the bar to go look for some Mizzium for Kraer's ship, but she refuses, saying she'll need everyone's help to gather the material.

Roshiyu, who Phendra had kissed in the first bar, is slightly embarrassed when Phendra sees him ogling one of the strippers, so he takes a seat a few seats down from her. After a while, he apologizes to Phendra who, after destroying Ryu's enchantments he had cast on himself to help him attract women, forgives him, much to the Nezumi's relief. She begins petting him, which causes Roshiyu to murr, much to his chagrin.

Meanwhile, Lowe pulls Sehl aside to discuss Kraer. He tells Sehl about how his best friend's aven mother, Selenia married his father and bore an aven-human hybrid. When the Samite healers pronounce the fetus dead, Selenia requested Lowe to remove it, but when he was about to, she begged him to kill her. While Lowe hesitated, Selenia grabbed the knife and took her own life.

Afterwards, Lowe return to Kraer's table and retells his tale. He then tells her how the Mirari twisted him into his present form and begs her to not conceive a child with Selendrile. Kraer tells him she and Sehl will try to maintain an abstinent relationship.

As the group continue drinking, a new stripper is announce. Many of the students rush to the stage to get a better seat. Phendra agrees to sit by the stage with Roshiyu, much to his joy. Kraer goes to Sehl and Lowe begins talking to a guild member they had met earlier on while Yoketa complains to Arrathir about his inability to attract women. Ryu, as usual, is making an ass of himself, which results in further burns from Phendra.

Kraer questions Sehl about the contents of the box she confiscated from Lowe earlier on. Sehl explains it is a family tradition and that a father would help his son craft it and it was to be given to the first woman he loved. He then tells her about his parents' death, their zombification and how he had to kill his undead parents.

Meanwhile, on the stage, the show has started. An elven girl arrives and begins dancing. As Arrathir watches the men's reactions, he overhears a familiar voice. Turning, he sees Eva waiting on a nearby patron.

Eva's Entrance

Both Keepers are stunned to see the other there and both ask the other why they are here. Eva tells Arrathir she is under cover and searching for a group performing illegal genetic experiments. As Arrathir comments her outfit, she knocks him down.

As Lowe leaves the bar, he trips and spills his healing supplies. Feeling Sehl in pain, Lowe diverts some of his mana to the aven, leaving him in a tired state. Fir tries to help him, but Lowe reject the mana, since it would warp him into Fir.

After finishing her talk with Sehl, Kraer comments on Lowe's control over his mana. Lowe explains that it is because he is mana and the changes this has brought to his body.

Noticing Eva's mana, Lowe questions her about her presence in the bar. Eva tells him about the illegal genetic experiments.


Meanwhile, the stripper, Kylia, has brought Yoketa onto the stage. At that moment, a half-drakonian (Saruwatari) and a human (Yawgmoth's Messenger) appear on the stage.

Ryu, who has deduced Eva's identity from overhearing Lowe's conversation with her, goes to her and rudely questions her about her presence. Some of the students debate about his fate before Eva knees him in the crotch and threatens to "get medieval on you [Ryu] with a pair of pliers and a blowtorch!"

Kylia, who seems to have a BDSM fetish, persuades Yoketa to Teleport to a private room and ties him to a bed. Before anything serious can happen, Lowe arrives and takes him to Arrathir. Yoketa invites Kylia along. Arrathir reprimands Yoketa for his lack of respect for his status as a student of the Academy of Magic.

The group decides to move on and Lowe tricks Kylia into accepting a magicked coin that will paralyse her if she tries anything with Yoketa. She is furious and throws the coin at him.

Meanwhile, YM, who is drunk, stumbles out of the bar and grabs onto Lowe for support, but Lowe drops his body and furiously tells YM never to touch him again. Arrathir, seeing YM has drunk a bit too much, dunks his head in a water barrel.

The Lokopede Ride

A patron from the bar comes out and tells the group where they can get free Mizzium. The group leaves for Utvara, Sehl still torn between his oath to Lowe and his oath to Kraer. Eva, having not found anything worthwhile, joins the group.

Back at the Academy, Eritta walks into an empty room and is Planeswalked away.

The group on Ravinca take a lokopede to Utvara. Given the lack of space, the students are paired up, Lowe ending up with YM. Lowe immediately shackles him and eventually releases him after YM promises not to try anything. As night falls, most of the students put up protective wards or summon creatures to guard their compartments.

The moment Arrathir and Eva reach their compartment, the red Keeper, who is in heat, attacks Arrathir, determined to have her way with him. Arrathir is saved by Eritta randomly Planeswalking into their compartment. Confused by her first meeting with the Keepers, Eritta demands to know what is happening. While Arrathir tries to explain, Kraer senses someone has Planeswalked and sends Phendra's Spark Elemental to invite the new passenger to spend the night in their room. Arrathir is saved from his awkward situation when Kraer's Edgewalker arrives and takes Eritta with her. As soon as she leaves, Eva resumes her assault on Arrathir, who eventually gets kicked out of the compartment due to his refusal of her advances. Dejected, Arrathir goes to Roshiyu's compartment to spend the night.

Eritta is introduced to Phendra and Kraer and is filled in on the purpose of the trip.

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