Andre Rantonia
Full Name Andrew (Andre) Edward James Rantonia
Rank Captain
(1st and 3rd CO of the
USS Firebreather)
Predecessor 1. None
2. Lt.Col. Emily Sullivan
Successor 1. Marshall Emily Sullivan
2. Incumbent
Age 48
Spouse Karina Ju'To
Children - Jennifer Rantonia
- Maria Rantonia
- Kuvar Rantonia
- Gareth Rantonia Jr.
Father Gareth Rantonia Sr.
Mother Tina Morrison
Sibling(s) - Timothy Rantonia
Starfleet Record - USS Venus - Ensign
- USS Devena - Ensign - Lt.Cmmdr.
- USS Aires - Lt. Cmmdr. - Captain
- USS Firebreather - Captain
Languages Spoken English
Education - LA Elementary School, CA
- University of Turlock, CA
- Starfleet Academy, CA
Place of Birth Los Angeles, CA, USA
Andrew Edward Rantonia, Andre, was born in 2454 in Beverley Hills, Los Angeles, CA, USA. Neither of his parents were starfleet officers and he was the first of his family to advance to the rank of captain.

Early Life

Andrew (Andre) was a smart child and was always, usually, top of his class at LA Elementary School. He never left California until he was 20 and that was when he was sent into space. He attended the University of Turlock (near San Francisco) and there he decided that he wanted to be a starfleet officer.

USS Firebreather
Commanding Officers
Preceded by:
1. None
2. Marshall Emily Sullivan
Succeeded by:
1. Lt.Col. Emily Sullivan
2. Incumbent

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