Character Name: Andreas Avel Deslaur
Player: The Crimson Lightning
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Weight: 174 lbs
Height: 6’
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Blue
Ethnic Origin: Greek
Species Type: oldtype
Date of Birth: May 8th, OE 207


Born in the MIST owned Side-6, Andreas was the middle and only male child in large seven-child Deslaur family. There was always enough in terms of food and other necessities to go around, even if his middle class parents were forced to be somewhat frugal in their spending. At the young age of two, Andreas’ family moved to the nation’s homeland where his father had been offered a job promotion and provided living space in the city of Fors. Due to his young age, the boy had never particularly missed colony life and was raised almost as if he had been born on Mars. His infancy progressed as that of a normal child’s and as all children were expected to do so, he began his schooling at the age of four.

Academically, Andreas showed no signs of being too far ahead of his peers although he did show much interest in problem-solving and basic mathematics, even at his young age. As he progressed in school, the boy continued to excel in arithmetic and other logic related subjects. A common joke amongst Andreas’ classmates and family members was comparing the boy to Coordinators, which tended to get him overly angry as he prided himself on his natural intelligence. Elementary school had passed as quickly as it had come, and soon enough Andreas was in high school, where he had begun to mature into an adult.

Unsurprisingly, as Andreas matured into a teenager he began to downplay his own mathematical skills, at least, when he was around his peers. The natural need to fit in with those around him lead him to new hobbies such as sports, music and partying, which he embraced with open arms. High school eventually became nothing more than routine, and the months began to pass by faster and faster. It wasn’t until his fourth, and final year in secondary school that something interesting had happened in Andreas’ life. Just like everybody around him, the boy was well aware of the mounting tensions between the three nations that ruled outer space, though, it came as a surprise when war had finally been declared on that fateful September morning.

It was on, there was no turning back and like every other teenage boy around him, Andreas had caught the war-fever. He wanted nothing more than to enlist, although, since he was underage at the time, his parents had been unwilling to sign the consent form until he earned his high school diploma. After what seemed like the longest year of his life, he finally graduated, and considered himself lucky that the war hadn’t finished before he could get in on the action. Andreas had chosen what was obviously the most exciting and sought after place in the Imperial Fleet, that of a pilot, although the preliminary aptitude test suggested something more along the lines of engineer.

Being properly qualified, he was accepted into Initial Entry Training where he spent the required 13 months being instructed on mobile suit warfare, mechanics and the like. Being naturally obedient and polite, he managed to get out of the training without being reprimanded a single time. Much to his surprise, Andreas was a lot less physically fit than he expected, which made the training a bit more difficult than he would have liked. Nonetheless, he had survived and was ready to become a full-fledged pilot. At first, his advanced skills with logic and problem-solving had lead the staff to believe he might have been a Coordinator, though he quickly dismissed their suspicions with birth records and blood tests. He didn’t particularly want to undergo the extra three weeks a Coordinator would have had to.

Andreas was assigned to the Blood Knight Fleet and given mass-produced Jegan A-Type, which he proceeded to study inside and out. Since there was no immediate threat or battles to be fought, the boy spent his first few weeks in the fleet around the technicians to gain a better understanding of his mobile suit; much of his time was spent analyzing the theoretical aspects of a mobile suit, yet not as much actually flying one. Andreas is quickly adjusting to military life and eagerly awaits his first real combat experience.

Barely a month into his enlistment, Andreas had been randomly selected from the Blood Knight Fleet for transfer to the newly formed 231st Infiltration and Sabotage Squadron; it was a massive transition to say the least and despite the boy’s nervousness toward joining something of this caliber, he accepted. Accompanied by a promotion, he was relocated from outer space to Fort Shirer in Fors, where he was briefed on the nature of his squadron, and assigned the MIST-GN-001 Gundam Nereid prototype, fresh off of the assembly line to act as its test pilot. Before even getting to test his new machine, Andreas was assigned his first mission as a member the 231st- if the soldier had known about the magnitude of the missions that he would be taking on, the boy would never have accepted the position- he was, by means of orbital drop to destroy the Alliance of Artemis’ Haven base with little help.

With the help of one John Reyer, the operation had gone off quite successfully despite a predicted low percentage of success. Although the MIST forces hadn’t managed to completely destroy the fortress on their own, in the end, the Alliance chosen a Scorched Earth policy, followed by a hasty retreat. With Haven (and any threat of an Artemisian assault on Martian cities) gone, Andreas had been award with his second promotion, achieving the rank of Lieutenant; it came to him as quite a surprise, although, he accepted it with great honor. Weeks later, the 231st squadron was permitted to take a temporary leave- all but Andreas and his commanding officer, Hitan Saika, both of whom had been assigned new mobile suits which required more testing.

During the flight-test the Nereid's trademark design feature, known as the Neural Control System had malfunctioned resulting in a strange, and unknown effect. It had caused Hitan Saika's Xi Gundam to crash land, and plunged Andreas into a one-month long vegetative state. As per his own request, the boy was permitted to leave the military for an indefinite amount of time (although, he had never planned on returning) to recover from the incident. The boy made a temporary living working as a mechanic back in his hometown; while his parents were ecstatic that he had left the MIST forces, Andreas was already growing tiresome of everyday life. Nonetheless, he respected his parent's wishes and remained home.

It wasn't until a fateful September morning that tragedy struck; the almost demon-like mobile suit Imperator had appeared on the Martian surface, and began to wreak havoc from city to city. It was then that Andreas realized that despite the involved risks, fighting for one's country was much better than sitting back and watching it wither away. His parents shared the boy's sentiment, and with their blessing he set out- this time, with two of his elder sisters to rejoin the MIST forces. The top brass was quick about putting Andreas back into the 231st squadron, along with giving him his old machine. Originally, he was ordered to chase the Imperator down although, due to the mass confusion and panic being spread, finding the enemy was a near impossible task. Andreas spent a few months traveling around Mars in an attempt to intercept the enemy machine, though; it always managed to elude engagement.

Early into the New Year, the 231st squadron had been called back to Fors and given a new assignment. With the People’s Urian Republic having been established for a few months, MIST officials were eager to get an insider’s report on the situation within the new nation. They sent Andreas out for the job- albeit against his will, mostly due to the fact his Gundam was to be further tuned and perfected; nobody wanted a repeat of the training incident. Up until now, Andreas has been undergoing undercover training, along with being taught lunar customs, information about the lunar colonies and the like. In an effort to make sure that the boy could pass himself off as a Urian- or, at least a Lunarian, no corners were cut in his training. The mission had been scheduled to take place in April though the date had been pushed a month further to allow for more preparation.

Affiliation: Martian Imperial Sovereign Territories

Prototype Mobile Suit: MIST-GN-001 Gundam Nereid

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