The life journey of sadness and happiness

My aunt Despina Fafalios was born on Octomber 15 , 1932 chios, Greece, during some rough times. She lived on a small island with her family. She went to school and had fun with her friends. But all of sudden there was no more fun. In 1941, a war broke out in her country Greece with the Germans. They had to leave their country, because of the scary situations. Her family had no food, no money or a place to live. During the nights she had to leave with boats and go to different places. She went to Turkey, Dasmacus, Syria, Egypt, and the caves of Moises. At the stay at the caves her mother got very sick and passed away she was only eight years old. In 1945 they were taken by the government and brought back to Greece. Her father and her sister came together and left to go to America. They stayed at a friend's house. She then later met her husband there, and had four children together. Her family has been living in America now for 58 years. She said during the times of the war were very scary for her not knowing where you are going, and to have no food to survive. You are always wondering if your life will be the same again, as before the war. Till this day I have dreams of those frightening moments.

A few grammatical errors, but overall the story is good. It should have more details because some parts I was confused what was going on. You should add more facts about the journey your family went through to make it more intersting instead of just stating what happened.

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