Andrea "Andy" Fox is the mother of Peter, Paige, and Jason and the wife of Roger. She is portrayed in the strip as a forty-two-year-old mother. According to the strip, she was also an English major in college. While earlier strips portrayed her as a freelance writer and columnist for a newspaper;[7] however, most strips since the late 1990s have shown her to be a work-at-home mother.

Sadly for her children, Andy seems to have no tolerance for them having any kind of fun, and that she's a near-criminal-level cheapskate. Indeed, one Christmas morning when all three kids are upset over not receiving the one gift they each wanted most, she muses "Santa read MY list this year"(No such luck, Roger bought the gifts and was saving them for last!) Andy often prepares vegetarian or vegan meals for her family, almost always containing tofu and once was seen reading a book called "The Joy of Tofu". She often criticizes her children for what she sees as their bad habits, such as procrastination[8][9] and use of improper grammar, which Jason used to taunt her. Andy also is obsessed with the movie "Titanic" sometimes seeing it twice per day. In addition, she tends to show disapproval towards the children's insistence on watching television or playing violent video games (she has been mentioned as saying prayers at church for them to stop playing), and has been shown to prod them into playing outside or doing household chores instead. However, she sometimes becomes obsessed with the same video games that she will not allow her children to play.[10]

Andy's un-named mother (the grandmother of Paige, Peter and Jason) has occasionally appeared in the strip as well. The grandmother is often referred to as "perfect"; as a result, Andy often feels inferior around her, and will try to prove herself by competing against her mother (usually by trying to cook a meal as well as her mother can).

In early strips, Andy's hair was similar to her daughter Paige's until she decided to change it after meeting up with an old friend who was, in most respects, more successful then Andy.

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