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Angel Cove Fire Department is the fire department responsible for the fire safety of the city of Angel Cove. Emergency rescue is handled by the ACFD in partnership with Mother Seton Hospital and Sacred Heart Medical Center



Organization and Structure

The Angel Cove Fire Department, like most fire departments around the world, is organized in a paramilitary fashion. The Fire Staff includes the Chief of Department, Chief of Fire Operations, Chief of EMS, the Chief Fire Marshal.

  • Chief of Department
    • Chief of Fire Operations
    • Chief Fire Marshal
      • Assistant Chief of Operations
        • District Commanders
      • Chief of Administration
      • Chief of the Special Operations Command
      • Chief of Logistics
      • Chief of Planning & Strategy
    • Chief of EMS Command
    • Chief of Safety & Inspectional Services Command
    • Chief of Fire Prevention
    • Chief of Training, Education & Curriculum Development
    • Chief of Communications

Operationally and geographically, the department is organized into five district commands. Within those District Commands exist ten divisions, each headed by a Deputy Chief. Within each division operate three battalions, led a Battalion Chief. Each battalion consists of four companies, with a company being led by a Captain. He or she commands three lieutenants and 25 firefighters. Lastly, the unit consisting of the members of the company on call during a given shift.

Ranks Structure and Insignias

Title Rank Insignia
Chief of Department
NYPD Chief of Department
Assistant Chief

Chief of Operations

NYPD Bureau Chief
Deputy Assistant Chief
NYPD Assistant Chief
Division Commander
NYPD Deputy Chief
Deputy Chief
NYPD Inspector
Battalion Commander
NYPD Deputy Inspector
NYPD Captain
NYPD Lieutenant





ACFD Awards, Commendations, Citations and Medals


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